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Located this year on the Pont des Expositions, the EQUIP AUTO Training forum will feature special events with the participation of leading names in training and the job opportunities offered by the sector.

Coming up on the training forum:

Digital university MyFac by I2F

The Training Institute of the FIEV (French Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries) will preview its digital university MyFac by I2F. An entertaining, interactive and engaging digital learning platform to support the industry’s firms and employees. More information on L'Académie Digitale.  


The National Group for Automotive Training will be organising five starter workshops and several talks in its area:

5 starter workshops

From zero ADAS to 100% autonomous

Understanding the different driving grades of a vehicle (without assistance / fully autonomous); how mobility is changing.

The aim is to drive a car using a virtual reality headset and screens, on a city road and on the open road. The different scenarios range from a vehicle with no ADAS to a fully automated vehicle. 

Visitors will be able to see what the “player” does.

Lenght: 5 to 10 minutes

ADAS: impact on skills in the workshop  

Introduction to sensors and focus on workshop cameras (how to adjust them, their limitations, etc.).

Lenght: 15 minutes

Connected vehicles from all angles  

Presentation of a connected light or heavy duty vehicle from all angles (terminal, SIM card, etc...) A 3D animation presents the connected vehicle and the services that can be associated with it. Two versions can be displayed alternately: light vehicle and heavy duty vehicle.

Lenght: 4 to 5 minutes

Paint application, a professional technique

Learning all about paint application techniques and gauging how to manipulate the paint gun (load, distance, etc.) 

360 Diagnostics: bodywork and paint

With the help of a tablet scanning a visual element on the wall, watch a video on the tablet and answer the questions on the four themes. The training consultant in attendance will go over and explain the right answers to the players. 

Lenght: 10 to 15 minutes

"Expert insight" flash talks

  • ADAS (Difference between Radars and Lidars)
  • Loss adjustor / costing relations (optimising relations)
  • Quick repairs (UV primer / plastic repairs / spot touch-up / used vehicle renovation)
  • Multi-materials (changes in materials and repair methods)