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Used vehicles represent a major sector in automotive distribution. This is proven by the fact that while sales of new vehicles to consumers dropped in 2014, more than 5.4 million used cars were sold in France in the same year. Today, even businesses are beginning to introduce used vehicles into their company car fleets. The importance of the segment therefore required a place where all the professions in the used vehicle market could be represented: suppliers, warranty providers, digital firms, fast-growing franchises in search of new entrepreneurs, etc. You can find exhibitors from the sector in Pavilion 1 of the Paris Expo exhibition centre in October 2017. 

Aftersales professionals, and in particular independent repair shops, looking to diversify their business will find in the Car Remarketing sector of EQUIP AUTO all of the solutions to get started in this new activity or develop it and increase profits.

The exhibitors showing in the car remarketing sector will fulfil their needs in particular in the sourcing and sale of used vehicles.

This sector was successfully launched at the 2015 edition, with 15 leading companies with complementary profiles congregating in the remarketing area to provide professionals with a broad overview of the market.

The market players in the used vehicle trade are by nature very different although they are still dominated by vehicle manufacturer networks (RA1 and RA2), by MRA (authorised repair shops) and also by used vehicle specialists.

And yet all of these players together are in the minority on the market, opposite an actor whose weight has increased over the past 25 years: the individual consumer.

These brands exhibited in 2015 :


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