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Just over 1,000 companies make up the tyre and automotive equipment distribution sector in France. They manage more than 2,200 retail points and workshops, divided into 7 main networks or groupings. The exhibitors of this sector were in Pavilion 2.2 of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in October 2017.


They traditionally own the largest market shares in:

  • Sales to end consumers, with approximately 35% 
  • Trade sales to customers under contract such as fleet managers or long and short-term car rental companies, approximately 90% 
  • Sales of industrial tyres for HGVs, civil engineering or agricultural machines, approximately 85% 

In 2015, specialist distributors sold 10.964 million tyres for passenger vehicles, vans or SUVs.

Turnover in the profession in France stands at approximately 2.2 billion euros per year. 

Tyres account for almost 20% of all aftersales activities and a tyre change equates to the average price per operation (excluding crash repairs) of all automotive services in general.

The market splits two ways into sales of tyres fitted onto new vehicles and sales of replacement or spare tyres. In terms of numbers of units sold, two thirds of tyres for passenger vehicles sold in France are replacements and one third are fitted to new vehicles. Approximately 25 million passenger vehicle tyres are sold in France each year (Source Europool-SNCP). 

Tyres for passenger vehicles, vans and SUVs are distributed through 4 main retail channels:

  • Specialist retailers (Euromaster, Point S, Profil Plus, etc.)
  • Automotive centres (Norauto, Feu vert, etc.) and fast fitters (Speedy, Midas, etc.)
  • Car dealers and sales offices (Renault, Peugeot, etc.), garages (AD Distribution, etc.)
  • Online retailers, distributors without physical points of sale (Allo pneu, 123 Pneu, etc.)

The replacement tyre market is dominated by A brands (premium or upmarket) and B brands (mid-range). Premium brands account for more than 60% of sales. At the other end, entry-level tyres account for only 10% of volumes.

These brands exhibited in 2017 :


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Sources : www.lesprofessionnelsdupneu.com, Europool, Sncp

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