splitsecnd Unveils First Aftermarket eCall-Certified Product Offering At EQUIP AUTO 2017

Driving Safety Company Earns International Recognition For First Certified eCall System

splitsecnd is proud to announce the first aftermarket ecall-certified device for the EU. It’s the only solution to obtain official certification according to the CEN standards governing third-party services (TPS) and in-vehicle systems (IVS) for eCall. The splitsecnd GPS-enabled 12V-pluggable device works in conjunction with Inter Mutuelles Assistance (IMA), a well-established automotive assistance services company headquartered in Niort, France, to create the certified solution. Designed for direct sale, distribution, whitelabel, or integrated solution, the product is ready to provide safety and connected services for consumer and business automotive applications across the EU.

eCall is a European initiative intended to bring rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision anywhere in the European Union . It standardizes the exchange of real-time crash data, GPS coordinates, and direct voice contact to local emergency services when needed. According to some estimates, eCall will speed emergency response
times by 40% in urban areas and by 50% in rural areas, potentially saving hundreds to thousands of lives each year.

"eCall, as a law, is going to be enforced in all new cars after March, 2018. But we believe that every car on the road should have this capability. We are delighted to announce the offering here at EquipAuto in partnership with Inter Mutuelles Assistance. Their extensive coverage of the EU along with their outstanding track
record as an award winning 24/7 emergency assistance provider, make them the perfect choice. We will work together to save lives…..any driver, in any car, in any country." said Mel Taylor, splitsecnd’s President & CEO.

Crash tested against the protocols of leading medical and mechanical specialists under the US Department of Transportation, this superb compact and durable device has received international certifications and has won multiple awards. It has even been recognized by the wireless industry as the #1 connected car device, representing the perfect combination of high performance and high value. Additionally splitsecnd has been designed and made for the realities of everyday life, the integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home makes it is easy to ask for a status report of your vehicles. These unique built in voice recognition skills also allow
you to ask if it is safe to call your driver giving you the best and simplest solution to prevent distracted driving accidents.

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