This year Errecom is taking part to EQUIP AUTO, one of the largest events dedicated to the Automotive aftermarket in Europe.

As one of the world‘s leading air-conditioning and refrigeration chemical company, Errecom will participating at the Parisian expo with a design stand where the main new products will be displayed and introduced on the market for the very first time.

Among all of them the name of Cool-Shot Ultra stands definitely out: as a 3.0 version of the previous Cool-Shot, this product is an additive that improves the performances of refrigerators and air conditioners, ensuring a very low energy consumption and a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

The revised dosage of the formula is the real news: the previous 30ml (which treats systems up to 15kw | 4 tons) has been replaced by only 6ml of product (which treats up to 21kw | 6tons).

This technological innovation represents a real turning point: the market trends underline the future necessity of using more and more additives in order to solve the most common AC/R system problems. The intervention will have to be faster and cheaper, if possible.

Cool-Shot Ultra is a product that perfectly interpreted this need (exactly as Extreme Ultra).” Luca Ronga (CEO) explains.

After more than 4 years of R&D efforts and thousands of tests, Errecom projected an additive dose which has been definitely reduced if compared to the previous one. Only 6ml can manage AC/R systems up to 21kW (6tons). These kind of systems were previously treated with 42ml”.


  • Its formulation is 100% safe: as a Non-Polymere Liquid Cool-Shot Ultra does not react to air or humidity, avoiding any possible clogging;
  • Cool-Shot Ultra is safe even for the operator: the product is actually not dangerous at all. On the contrary, other solutions now on the market are defined as cancerous.


Oil Fouling causes many of the problems linked to the refrigeration and air conditioning systems, above all if they are pretty old. Throughout the years, some oil remains settle on the walls of the refrigerant and air conditioning units.

These stratifications obstruct the heat exchange process, by isolating the refrigerant gas and reducing the plant performances. This causes an unavoidable decrease of the service and a consequent increase of the mainte-nance costs and CO2 emissions (the system does not cool anymore -> the consumer needs to turn up its power -> electricity bill gets higher and even CO2 does).

Cool-Shot Ultra has been designed in Errecom labs to improve the plant conditions, by giving it new life and performances: thanks to Cool-Shot Ultra air gets easily colder. Analyzing some Errecom case-histories, we have some interesting data: -5°C very shortly, +73% of heat exchange, -20% of the plant energy consumption. The compressor lubricant increases its efficiency (+54%), and the unit gains +50% of lifetime.
By solving the Oil Fouling problem, Cool-Shot Ultra is a 100% ecological product: thanks to its usage consumers can even save electricity and CO2 emissions.

This product even guarantees a lifetime extension of the air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Further advantages are: reduction of the maintenance costs, decrease of vibrations and noise caused by the compressor. Cool-Shot Ultra acts without causing any chemical changes in the compressor lubricant and refrigerant gas. Furthermore it helps the refrigerant gas, as it works directly on the surfaces of the pipes, considerably increasing its performances.

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