« Aftersales and services for mobility yesteryear, today and tomorrow, illustrated by classic cars ».

EQUIP AUTO is bringing something new to the table: an area entirely dedicated to old vehicles.

A way to promote a growing business while contributing to the preservation of automotive heritage.

Whether referring to historical models or « new kids on the block », the world of vintage vehicles continues to grow and this year it will benefit from a new, unique exhibition for the five days of EQUIP AUTO. For the first time in its history, the French exhibition has chosen to dedicate a space to them through the EQUIP AUTO Classic area. The Peugeot Citroën DS, Bosch Classic Services and Top Garage Classic networks, the Allopneus website and equipment manufacturer Schaeffler will showcase their dedicated offer, located on the bridge between pavilions 1 and 2. Mario Fiems, director of the exhibition, said that « the classic car has become so big that it is becoming a topic in its own right. Through this initiative, we want to combine business and passion with the idea of preserving our heritage and safeguarding skills. »

Young people in a historic presence that's here to stay

To enhance this area, all participants are invited to exhibit a classic vehicle, to be shown off in the middle of the dedicated parts and services presented on each stand. This is certain to delight the enthusiasts who will flood the walkways. And this is more than just a test drive; EQUIP AUTO intends to respond to new market trends and hopes to make classic cars a more permanent feature in the future, with the creation of a sector of activity entirely devoted to it. « This is our goal, » says Mario Fiems. « This year, we are launching the theme, but we are really determined to make the historic vehicle a core feature of EQUIP AUTO. So why not introduce a sector entirely devoted to it? » This will encourage future exhibitors to invest and to grow excitement around the vintage car world.

EQUIP AUTO may not be a pioneer in this market, but the event stands out through its exclusively trade-only profile.