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A leading event in the automotive industry calendar, the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation were created in the aim of selecting and rewarding the most innovative concepts, products and services presented by EQUIP AUTO exhibitors, and to highlight the emerging technologies in automotive aftersales.

For this 17th edition of the EQUIP AUTO International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation, the judging panel, made up of more than 50 journalists from 15 countries, selected the Gold Trophy Award winners in the 8 categories representing the product range at the show, from among 117 entries submitted by exhibitors.  

Jérémie Morvan, the Chairman of the judging panel of the EQUIP AUTO International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation, adds: "The judges have reached their verdict! It's quite clear that they have chosen to distinguish two major trends which are already starting to organise the aftersales market. The first is connectivity, and we can see that this applies both to motorists and to repair shops. And the second trend is sustainable mobility, with innovations which will help us to consume less or consume better. Our congratulations go to all of the winners and to all of the other entrants in this 17th edition of the Grands Prix."

EQUIP AUTO International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation Gold Trophies



Winning product: STAR FINISH anti-static gun

Launch date: May 2017

Static electricity is an unfriendly factor in painting, randomly positioning the metal particles of the paint, creating shadows and irregular light reflection.

The Star finish innovation eliminates static electricity and helps to cover every nook and cranny evenly.

By neutralising the parts to be painted, Star finish offers a multitude of benefits:

  • An important decrease or even total disappearance of dust.
  • A decrease of extra paint thickness due to the ideal positioning of the base.
  • Perfect colour uniformity between different materials such as plastic bumper and metal wing, thanks to the homogeneous reflection of light on the metal particles.
  • A reduction in paint-runs on at-risk zones such as the fog light cage or the door handle, by trapping the electrical polarisation.
  • A top quality result with no extra work to be done such as polishing or over painting on certain overlaps… 



Winning product: EASY JET® washing robot

Launch date: December 2017

The new high-pressure EASY JET® Robot designed by Heurtiaux is equipped with an automatic swinging arm, controlled by the "Detect-Profil" system.

 This swinging arm moves around continuously, and is fitted with 3 set of jets based on "LIQUID'BRUSH - LA BROSSE LIQUIDE®" technology: - 1 set on the horizontal part of the oscillating arm, moving from right to left in order to wash: front, bonnet, windscreen, roof, rear window boot or tailgate and rear of the vehicle. - 2 sets, one on each side of the arm, moving from top to bottom, in order to wash the sides of the vehicle: wheel rims, body, side windows, rocker panel.

 Compared with a round rotating jet, the flat rotating jets fitted to "LIQUID’ BRUSH – LA BROSSE LIQUIDE®" guarantee fast, efficient and uniform washing, even on the largest surfaces. Brush-free, contact free and scratch-free, it also reduces noise pollution and resonance on the bodywork.

From an environmental perspective, water consumption for a full vehicle wash cycle with EASY JET® fitted with "LIQUID'BRUSH - LA BROSSE LIQUIDE®" jets is approximately 125 litres per car, whereas a brush gantry wash uses between 250 and 300 litres. 

In addition the EASY JET® robot offers 5 wash programmes and can accept all forms of payment. 

Finally, contrary to a brush gantry wash which travels between 9 and 12 m, EASY JET® needs only 4.50 m of space. This compact footprint allows businesses to easily transform a manual high-pressure covered wash track into an automatic washing area or tunnel, thus increasing profits substantially. The compactness of the Easy Jet robot complies with the new environmental standards which requires that all outdoor gantries and high pressure washing tracks are covered. 



Company: ROBERT BOSCH France

Winning product: ENV4 and ENV6 brake liquids

Launch date: January 2017

Modern and future ABS/ESP systems are faster and more precise. ESP reaction time is an aspect of safety. These modern braking systems require low viscosity, high boiling point and high lubricity. Lubricity is a new requirement for brake fluid to extend ESP lifetime.

Robert Bosch France launches 2 new innovative generations of brake fluids to fulfil the needs of the new braking system: ENV4 and ENV6, which will nevertheless still satisfy all vehicles with traditional hydraulic circuits.

  • ENV4 complies with requirements: SAE J, ISO 4925, DOT3, DOT4. It is also approved according to the OEM standards of AUDI/VW/SEAT/SKODA.
  • ENV6 fulfils and outperforms all exiting DOT norms: SAE J, ISO 4925, DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1. Shelf life is double that of DOT (60 vs 30 months). Service interval extended to 3 years instead of 2 years for classic DOT compliant products. ENV6 can replace all existing DOTs currently on the market.


Company: HELLA France

Winning product: LED Multibeam smartdigital lighting system

Launch date: March 2016

At night-time, the risk of accidents increases drastically. At night on rural roads there are basically around five times as many accidents with serious consequences as during the day. Optimal lighting therefore offers additional safety.

Hella's LED multibeam headlamp, adopted by Mercedes on its latest E Class (in 2016) was designed to increase the safety of road users by means of selecting the zones to be lit.

To do this, the LED Multibeam uses light sources which now work with a new design of a high-resolution LED grid module. Fitted with 84 high-performance LEDs, the module reacts even more dynamically and the road surface is lit up with even greater precision.

Each one of these LEDs can be individually electronically controlled. “Gridding” the light in this way allows the light distribution from the right and left headlamps to be controlled entirely separately and responsively adapted to traffic conditions. This enables the individual areas of the road surface to be illuminated in a very specific manner.

With 84 LEDs per precision module, the headlamps reach a resolution enhanced by a factor of around 3.5. As a result, other road users can be protected more precisely against dazzling, and back-glare can be more effectively avoided.


Company: ROBERT BOSCH France

Winning product: Tire Tread Measuring TTM 2104 and 2204

Launch date: September 2017

Monitoring the state of wear of tyres is a key factor in the safety and drivability of a vehicle.

To fulfil this requirement, the TTM offers the rigorous measurement of tyre wear without interpretation. With its automatic process, the operator does not need to hold anything in their hands. The immediate and indisputable result is a major contributor to the safety of the vehicle whose tires are the only points of contact with the road.

Results can be displayed on a client PC, an IOS or Android tablet, a Smart TV or a smartphone.

When the vehicle moves over the measuring system, the TTM instantly and efficiently measures the tyre tread:

  • The measuring technology uses colour-coded light combined with 2x2 3D HD cams.
  • No moving parts, hence no sensitivity to dust, vibration and moisture. 
  • Robust against temperature variations.
  • Low profile for uncomplicated measuring of performance vehicles, with floor-mounted or underfloor variants. 
  • Measuring sequences are fully automatic and take a few seconds to perform.
  • Finally, there are three display options.

Tyre tread measuring provides advantages and benefits: there is no software to install, no subscription required, and up to 21 terminals may be connected to the same TTM device without any specific conditions of use. 



Winning product: TechniFAPDPF cleaning machine  

Launch date: June 2016

Many people are unaware of the fact, but cleaning the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a very attractive alternative to replacement by a new part. It is less costly and also meets the French energy transition law that obliges garage owners to offer used parts since 1 January 2017.

Suited to all DPF and catalytic converters (light vehicles, heavy duty, farming, industrial, etc.), TechniFAP ensures the complete cleaning of the particulate filter in a fully automated, closed-circuit, chemical-free unit.

All the ash and soot is filtered (10ppm) and collected before being recycled by an ISO14001 company specialized in the treatment of waste. None is released into the environment.

This innovative process takes place in several stages:

  • Visual inspection of the filter on receipt before installation in the machine (a broken or damaged filter cannot be cleaned)
  • Test of the air flow and the back pressure values before cleaning (measurement of the level of clogging)
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Test of air flow and back pressure values after cleaning
  • Preparation of a complete report to validate the quality of the operation

Each cleaning operation is guaranteed 1 year or a maximum of 40,000 Km.



Winning product: AD Connected Box

Launch date: October 2017

With 32 million private cars aged 8.8 years on average, the aging French fleet is seeing renewed growth in repair and maintenance (+ 0.3%). More than 90% of vehicles are equipped with a standard diagnostic plug (2001 to 2004) and over 75% of drivers own a smartphone. Autodistribution is seizing this opportunity by launching AD Auto Connect, a connected car solution that benefits drivers and transforms their relationship between repair and maintenance professionals and their customers

AD Connected Box is a mobile application for the motorist that allows him to connect his car to his smartphone and enjoy personalized services on a daily basis. AD Connected also addresses the AD network by offering all its garages a powerful loyalty tool to connect to their customers' vehicles and offer them the best services at the best time.

The innovation of the AD Connected Box solution can be found in:

  • The ultra-fast and almost universally standard connection of all vehicles on the road (plug and play).
  • The provision of a latest-generation intuitive mobile experience aimed at the motorist to help them in how they use their car every day.
  • The use of effective "machine learning" algorithms to process huge quantities of data from the vehicle, its use and the driving environment (topology, weather, accidents, etc.).
  • One-to-one communications tools aimed at the garage and/or the network to stay in touch with their clients.

For the driver, the AD Connected Box offers a range of advantages: Eco-driving scores and advice - Vehicle geo-localization - Digitalised service records - Key check-up information and alerts on maintenance of key parts - On-demand diagnostics with AD expert support - Budget savings thanks to offers from the AD network - Access to practical car-related services on a daily basis, including cheapest local parking and fuel.

The AD garage also has access to a range of features and advantages: - An administration tool for customers and their connected vehicles - Mobile campaign creation for communicating directly with the customer - Customer loyalty improvement driven by personalized services - Increased workshop bookings and generation of additional revenue.


Company: ROBERT BOSCH France

Winning product: Digitalised data exchange in the workshop: Bosch Connected Repair

Launch date: October 2017

In workshops there are many software packages and a lot of equipment that need information about the customer, the vehicle, the fault or required maintenance. While all these systems exchange with the user, they do not talk to each other. 

Bosch Connected Repair links software systems (DMS, Cataloguing and Diagnostic), test equipment and vehicle data, thus enabling the successful exchange of service or repair information and protocols

The workshop gains several advantages:

  • The vehicle identification is carried out only once and then distributed to all connected test equipment. Typing errors are avoided and the workshop employee can concentrate on the repair.
  • Time saving and workflow optimization for service and repair activities in the workshop.
  • Easy and quick access to stored test results.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through transparent and easy-to-understand final reports

It can be noted that only one licence is needed to connect all test equipment in the workshop.

The benefits from the new processes:

  • Flexible task creation with standardized workshop processes.
  • All employees can easily access the digital job cards at any time and can therefore provide accurate information about vehicle status live.
  • Increased efficiency by accelerating the workshop processes.
  • Uniformity and easy archive of final reports given to the motorist. 



The awards will be officially presented at the gala dinner on Tuesday 17 October in the presence of a large number of leading figures from the automotive industry and the media.

The 2017 winners' list will be enhanced by the media's "Special Awards" made by the French journalists in partnership with the trade associations AFPA and AJTE. These "favourites" awards will recognise the innovations discovered on exhibitors' stands by the journalists and will receive their prizes at the gala evening at Pavillon Cambon on 17 October. 

High resolution photos available on request from the press office.

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