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Repair shops and their digital revolution

Ever since cars began incorporating new technology, digital tools designed for their repair and servicing have literally flooded garage workshops. From the digital service manual to connected diagnostics, automotive manufacturers and garage fittings specialists have been vying for supremacy in offering digital solutions that provide consumers and repair professionals alike the guarantees of reliability, transparency and time saving. 

On the occasion of the forthcoming edition of the EQUIP AUTO, the international trade show for automotive aftersales and services for mobility (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, 17 - 21 October 2017) a wide array of innovative, digital and connected services will be presented, offering tangible proof that repair workshops today are undergoing their digital revolution!

Here are a few examples… 

The diagnostic guide Assist Me by AutoData is a complement to existing databases to help the repair professional pinpoint faults, by adding to the electronic research with electrical or physical measurements. A tree of checks and plans lead the technician from the fault to the faulty component. The database contains more than 79,000 diagnostic trouble codes and provides guided solutions for more than 74% of the most popular models in Europe. Assist Me thus reduces diagnostic errors and the time spent on diagnostics. The end result is therefore lower downtime in the workshop! 

Gold Trophy – Services for Connected Mobility category

AD Connected Box is a mobile application for the motorist that allows him to connect his car to his smartphone and enjoy personalized services and assistance with how to run his vehicle on a daily basis: vehicle geo-localization - digitalised service records - key check-up information and alerts on maintenance of key parts - on-demand diagnostics - personalised repair estimates, etc.

The terminal is also aimed at garages in the AD network which are thus offered a range of services: ultra-rapid connection (plug and play), to all vehicles on the road - an administration tool for customers and their connected vehicles - access to data from the vehicle, its use and the driving environment (topology, weather, accidents, etc.).

Connex is latest-generation electronic vehicle diagnosis and maintenance system which is easy to use, fast and efficient. The tablet (working on Windows or Android) offers access to regularly updated vehicle data, repair tutorials, and gives users the opportunity to exchange online with diagnosis specialist technicians.

The system is made up of an interface plugged into the vehicle (Connex BT on Bluetooth) and the diagnosis and communication 'brain', Connex Smart.

myDIAG+ is an online application aimed at multi-brand repair professionals. It offers repair assistance based on distance exchanges between the mechanic and technical advisers.

Connecting myDIAG+ to the diagnostic tool speeds up the search. The device is available in 7 languages. The database is constantly enhanced with repairers' requests and solutions. 

  • EGI FRANCEcamera measurement of wheel alignment 

The Argos wheel aligner measures the wheel alignment of vehicles in the space of a few seconds, quickly and easily, without having to mount targets or sensors on the wheel. This device is suitable for all types of car lift. It generally takes about 20 minutes to perform this type of measurement. Argos can therefore fit into the garage's workshop equipment and help the mechanic in diagnosing vehicle faults, time-efficiently. 

  • RAVAGLIOLIaccess to vehicle data by automatic number plate recognition

When a car enters the workshop, the Shoot & Go system (a computer terminal or a smartphone and an app) immediately identifies the vehicle type by reading the number place and using character recognition software.

If the garage's management system has an Archive section, the vehicle's history is then identified to display the previous work carried out. The final result is time saving and error suppression. 

Gold Trophy – Equipment and Tyre Services category

The TTM scanner automatically carries out a quick and automatic analysis of tyre tread wear using a new technique with 3D video cameras. Results can be displayed on all types of screen available in the workshop (tablet, smartphone, computer, etc.).

In the space of a few seconds, as the vehicle passes over the scanner, the machine performs the exhaustive analysis of the tyres (problems, irregular wear, etc.).

  • ROBERT BOSCH FRANCE: exchange of digital data in the workshop

Gold Trophy – Services for Professionals category

In workshops there are many software packages and a lot of equipment that need information about the customer, the vehicle, the fault or required maintenance. While all these systems exchange with the user, they do not talk to each other.

Bosch Connected Repair links up software systems (DMS, Cataloguing and Diagnostic), workshop equipment and vehicle service or repair information and protocols.

Advantages: no more typing errors thanks to the vehicle's identification being distributed to all connected equipment - time saving and workflow optimization for service and repair operations - easy and quick access to stored test results from previous visits, etc. 

  • ROBERT BOSCH FRANCE: Experience Based Repairs social platform 

OEM data is constantly enhanced with a wide range of faults together with their causes and identification methods. The Experience Base Repair module (EBR) today offer access to all of this information held on a database of more than 500,000 data sheets

Accessible by subscription online, EBR is available 24 hours a day and worldwide. Repair pros can give a mark to each case used, propelling the most suitable fixes to the top of the search engine result list. . 

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