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Highlights of EQUIP AUTO 2017

EQUIP AUTO, the leading trade show in automotive aftersales and services for mobility, will be held from 17 to 21 October 2017 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. In a market with promising prospects and characterised by fundamental change, the 2017 edition of EQUIP AUTO aims to help all vehicles repair professionals take advantage of the market’s resilience, decode the new challenges of their sector and discover innovative solutions and ways to adjust their businesses to meet these challenges.

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Professionals in the automotive aftersales and service market cater to the needs of a French automotive fleet estimated at 38.6 million vehicles in 2016, of which 32 million light-duty vehicles (LV). The LV fleet, which has an average age of 8.8 years, grew by 0.1% between 2015 and 2016 (source TCG Conseil for CNPA). Also according to TCG for CNPA, the automotive aftersales and service market has contracted by 5% in value since 2012 to settle at €28.4 billion in 2016; this decline is mainly due to an 8.8% reduction in volume of maintenance and repair operations over four years, from 58 million to 53 million between 2012 and 2016.

This decline is in itself a significant market development, forcing actors in the sector to adjust.

However, the profound technological changes at work in the automotive sector (connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, the digitalisation of contacts and services), along with those concerning repair equipment and materials, all offer reasons to envisage new growth opportunities and objective motivations for repair and service actors to adjust.

Starting from this observation, EQUIP AUTO decided to identify the key factors of the changes within the aftersales and mobility services sector.

Using a series of surveys conducted on repair shops and their suppliers or partners, and work meetings with trade bodies, EQUIP AUTO has highlighted three key issues which shape its own positioning and promise in 2017:

  • Reducing pollutant emissions;
  • Improving comfort and safety with automated driving;
  • The emergence of digital technology in repair workshops.


By positioning itself at the very centre of the challenges for automotive aftersales and services for mobility, EQUIP AUTO 2017 aims to show professionals how best to handle the market’s recovery by giving them the means to “repair today and prepare tomorrow”, the pledge of this new edition.

Owned by the French Federation of Vehicle Industries and Equipment (FIEV) and the French Bodywork Federation (FFC) and supported by trade body partners*, EQUIP AUTO has defined three structuring priorities: Business – Innovation – Meetings.

These three priorities take the form of numerous actions and innovations to enable industry actors to decode the sector's challenges, find out about current solutions and adopt innovations which are already available to prepare for tomorrow.


Business is a key element of the trade show and in 2017 revolves around four essential subjects which bring together car manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, repair shops, service companies and new actors dealing in mobility:

  • Profitably maintain the existing vehicle fleet;
  • Adapt workshops in a market transformed by digital technology and technological development in vehicles;
  • Prepare for the arrival in workshops of connected and, subsequently, autonomous vehicles;
  • Diversify repair shop business activities.

These subjects are dealt with in several actions, such as the “EQUIP AUTO Tutorials” Training & Demo Space, themed visitor trails and the “Best of EQUIP AUTO”, a TV studio, the Used Vehicle Universe and the Bodywork and Paint Village.

The industry has strongly committed to support EQUIP AUTO throughout the coming months and raise their members’ awareness.

In terms of international promotion, EQUIP AUTO is heightening its investments to encourage professionals to come from French-speaking countries, Southern Europe, the Maghreb and countries such as Iran and Poland where the reputation of EQUIP AUTO is growing.

Innovation is spotlighted again at EQUIP AUTO, supported by large-scale actions:

  • The International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation,designed around eight new categories in which a Gold Award will be awarded in each category by a judging panel of 60 journalists from 14 countries.
  • The Innovation & Startups Park, which will bring together 50 startups or innovative enterprises providing solutions to automotive aftersales professionals and those dealing in the mobility of goods and people.
  • The autonomous vehicle “Demonstrator”, organised in partnership with the Syndicat des Équipements de la Route (SER), will show autonomous and connected vehicles on a demonstration track, in order to demonstrate how they interact with road equipment.

Innovation is also promoted to young people with the special event, [email protected], which will welcome in the space of one day between 800 and 1,000 students from business or engineering schools.


This year, EQUIP AUTO is once again focusing on meetings and conviviality with:

  • A gala evening on the Tuesday.
  • “The EQUIP AUTO Happy Hours”, organised every day from Tuesday to Friday, from 5pm to 6pm.

A new event will also lead to unique meetings: EQUIP AUTO 2017 will be one of the backdrops for the World Mobility Challenge prologue.

In addition, services and digital tools will be offered to exhibitors and visitors for an enhanced trade show experience.


Jacques MAUGE, Chairman of the French Vehicle Equipment Industries federation FIEV and the EQUIP AUTO trade show, says: "Seven months ahead of its first day,EQUIP AUTO is aiming to welcome over 1,400 exhibitors and brands and 95,000 professionals. These targets are currently being reached with 80% of the total area already booked, marked by the come-back of leading brands on their market."

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*CNPA, FEDA, FNAA, GNESA, GNFA, IRP AUTO, PFA Filière Automobile & Mobilités, SER, SIA, SNCTA and Syndicat des Professionnels du Pneu.