Take part in EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA 2017

Take part in EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA 2017, the after-sales and services event for all vehicles, from 27 February to 02 March 2017.

Why take part in EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA 2017? 

  • Algeria is the second largest automotive market in Africa, after South Africa,
  • EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA is a gateway into Africa, a strategic market for your commercial and manufacturing growth,
  • EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA offers a way to make connections with players in neighbouring markets, such as the Moroccan market, with a steady increase in its vehicle fleet over many years,
  • 80% of visitors to EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA are decision-makers or have a major role in the decision-making process for parts and equipment,
  • Meet over 1000 buyers and international professionals in the automotive industry (outside of Algeria),
  • Grow your commercial network thanks to new distribution partners,
  • Network with industry leaders present in Algeria and strengthen your image in a strategic market

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