EQUIP AUTO 2017: Commitment from Aftermarket players

Following a survey conducted on a representative sample* of Aftermarket firms, COMEXPOSIUM has listed five key principles which will guide its action at the show and its communication with the professional repair community.

1. RESTORE DIRECT CONNECTIONS with repair professionals 

When asked non-assisted, this is the leading priority for 66% of respondents. 

Two market realities support this return to proximity with the user: 

  • rapid technological progress in products and the automotive sector. The major suppliers in automotive aftersales express the need for closer affinity, understanding and proximity with their repair clients: affinity with regard to the provision of technical education and technical information, and closer understanding of the actual needs of their customers relating to the digitalisation of services.
  • the evolution in the demand observed among distribution and network leaders. Marketers wish for more help with selling in the form of sell-out operations and presence on the ground.

The confirmed attendance of the major OEMs and distribution groupings is evidence of this trend. This October, EQUIP AUTO will additionally welcome several leading industry names which have decided to make a big comeback at the show, and others who will be exhibiting for the first time at EQUIP AUTO. 

To support and assist visitors in their search and enable effective exchange with exhibitors, EQUIP AUTO will offer repair shop professionals a number of visiting trails designed according to their needs. These trails, promoted ahead of the show on the exhibition website and app will not only improve visitor footfall on stands but will also enhance the quality and suitability of contacts between exhibitors and visitors.  

EQUIP AUTO innovates in this area with its 7 “Best of” visitor trails.

66% of the OEMs surveyed declared without assistance that they would be organising demonstration spaces dedicated to repair professionals on their stands. 

Repair professionals are sometimes themselves involved in demonstrations, taking part in real-life simulations on how to use products and solutions.

The majority of maintenance and repair OEMs and diagnostics specialists will have spaces to enable visitors to try out their innovations, in the same way as manufacturers of workshop equipment. 

40% of aftermarket companies spontaneously declare this a major issue.The main market players have digitalised their main added value content. 

Product catalogues have become dynamic (updated in real time), enhanced with 3D views of components; training includes tutorials and e-learning, and leverages social media to disseminate know-how. 

The multi-content digital platforms of market leaders will be unveiled before the repair world. 

On these two points, the strategy of exhibitors validates and adds further weight to the actions implemented by EQUIP AUTO in the area of education and demonstrations. EQUIP AUTO and its exhibitors will therefore provide attuned responses to the expectations of repair professionals. To this end, EQUIP AUTO has reviewed its programme of educational workshops organised in association with the GNFA (French automotive training association).

Entitled “Les TUTOS d’EQUIP AUTO” (EQUIP AUTO TUTORIALS), a space located in hall 3 of Paris expo will play host to repair professionals who will be able to get hands-on experience of techniques and attend classroom lessons. The GNFA has designed its programme specifically around five themes.

The “Tutos” will furthermore be filmed and broadcast on the exhibition’s YouTube channel to enable these operations to last beyond the event.

EQUIP AUTO will also design a visiting trail specifically dedicated to demonstrations taking place on exhibitors’ stands.


40% of respondents spontaneously declare that this is a priority subject for them. 

Respondents intend to offer repair professionals: 

  • digital marketing tools to help them more easily identify products or search for technical and fitting information (smart labels, QR codes, etc.), or enabling them to talk straight to the end customer (apps, access to BtoC digital content).
  • connected and collaborative equipment, in particular in tooling, workshop facilities and diagnostics equipment.

The aftersales and vehicle services sector is highly impacted by the digital revolution. 

Technological disruption relating to vehicles and consumer patterns therefore has a knock-on effect on repair shops. These will thus find on exhibitors’ stands not only solutions available today but also valuable information on future developments which will transform their ways of working and organising their companies.

These transformations and in particular the solutions of exhibitors are also the subject of a visitor trail designed for repair professionals. 


This is a priority for 33% of unassisted respondents.

  • The ECO GARAGE will be addressed in the areas of: eco-servicing, preventive and predictive maintenance, re-use and recycling.
  • The following INDUSTRY SPECIALITIES will be covered: networks, washing, car remarketing, bodywork, vehicle rental.

EQUIP AUTO has been working on this theme for several years already to encourage repair shops to examine how to help their company evolve and adapt to the market. 

EQUIP AUTO observes that this approach was justified and has become entirely meaningful today.

Visitors to EQUIP AUTO will therefore find information and solutions to their concerns. 

(*) Qualitative field interviews conducted from 27 February to 10 March with 25 major OEMs, manufacturers of machinery, diagnostics solutions and aftermarket firms.