30 entries shortlisted for the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation

The jury for the EQUIP AUTO International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation has shortlisted 30 entries from hundreds of nominations.

A final vote on the 10th September, ahead of the show, will decide the winners of the Gold and Silver trophies for each of the five categories. The official awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 13th October at EQUIP AUTO in front of numerous well-known figures in the automotive and media industries.

The 2015 shortlist is as follows:

OEM & New Technologies category

Liaison roulement transmission par NTN
EA15 Produit NTN - Liaison roulement transmission

Company: NTN-SNR
Selected product: Lightweight PCS Hub Joint
Market launch: 2015/09

At Renault’s request, NTN-SNR developed bearings and transmission seal assemblies to be fitted to the Eolab prototype hybrid presented in October 2014. The innovations focus on reducing component weight, reducing wheel bearing drag torque and also on new developments to proven technologies, especially for the drive line. The results achieved reveal a weight saving of more than 25% for all components. NTN-SNR has adapted the Japanese "PCS Hub Joint" technology to design the splined link between the driveshaft CV joint and the hub-bearing prototype. It is an interference fit using precisely adjusted splines, which eliminates any free play in movement and reduces noise. This technology offers the required level of torque (from 2500 Nm to over 7500 Nm) with a much smaller diameter, thereby contributing to a reduction in the weight of the transmission. NTN-SNR has also reduced the weight of the wheel bearings by means of compact wheel technology with an aluminium centering pivot, connected to which is the bolt support function for tightening the transmission seal. Lighter ceramic balls were also used to produce the bearings for this prototype. The total weight saving for the entire transmission system and bearings achieved by NTN-SNR is more than 25%, or 6 kg, which is a significant contribution to the total vehicle weight reduction. Torque improved by 30 to 40%: NTN-SNR has reduced friction torque, where considerable gains have been made. The result is a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the order of 1%. This performance was achieved using adapted dimensions, specific surface treatments and above all, the latest bearing seal technology fine-tuned by NTN-SNR.The new seals have helped reduce friction on the front drive axles by 30% and up to 40% on the rear drive axles.
Produit Addidrive de Poclain
EA15 Poclain produit ADDIDRIVE

Selected product: ADDIDRIVE
Market launch: 2016/12

For more than 20 years, Poclain Hydraulics has marketed hydraulic additional mobility solutions dedicated to heavy trucks and LCVs. Today, more than 15,000 vehicles worldwide are equipped with a Poclain additional mobility solution. A new company in the Poclain group, Poclain Powertrain develops automotive activity and proposes a new solution intended for passenger cars: AddiDriveTM temporary all-wheel drive transmission, adaptable to any type of vehicle.

Customers in emerging countries are facing potentially poor road infrastructures, uncertain weather conditions and limited revenue. Therefore their need for enhanced mobility at the right price is extremely high. More mature countries that get the benefit of better road conditions and greater revenue can occasionally face mobility issues: a snowy mountain pass during the holidays, a muddy area in the countryside – or any other difficult situation against which the driver is helpless. These drivers agree on the need for enhanced mobility and the need for a favourable price compared to the usual 4x4 solutions.

AddiDrive addresses occasional needs without imposing mechanical 4x4 constraints to the customers, such as fuel consumption for example. Furthermore, it has the advantage of being transparent; it impacts very little on the vehicle platform and does not require any passenger cockpit modification.

This very compact solution is based on a simple principle: a hydraulic pump, driven by the powertrain differential output, feeds a rear hydraulic motor via high pressure hoses.

Thanks to the modularity of the system, the car manufacturer can expand its AWD offer on several vehicles (initially not planned for the 4x4) and thus expand its customer base.

EA15 Produit Schaeffler

Market launch: 2016/01

In each vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine, filtering engine torque irregularities coming into the manual transmission is essential.
Today, the basic solution is to use a single mass flywheel with a dampened clutch disc. Unfortunately, the efficiency of a such system is limited once the engines become more acyclic (downsizing, reduction of cylinders, downspeeding, etc.) normally leading to the use of a high end damper (e.g. dual mass flywheel), which may offer too much performance.
In order to solve this issue, Schaeffler has developed a cost-effective alternative using a dampened disc combined with a centrifugal pendulum absorber, already used in mass production on certain dual mass flywheels.
In this way, the filtration of engine torque irregularities remains satisfactory for torques less than 250Nm, hence offering an intermediate solution.
This new product was originally developed by numerical simulation and is now fully validated; it will soon be introduced in line production.

produit schaeffler Hybrid Module
EA15 Produit Schaeffler - Hybrid module

Selected product: HYBRID MODULE
Market launch: 2016/01

A hybrid module designed for optimised use of space for integration into existing powertrains.


- Low mass inertia
- Higher overall efficiency
- High actuator dynamics in combination with a one-way clutch allow very fast connection to the internal combustion engine after starting


- Allows electric sailing up to > 160km/hr
- Very high vehicle dynamics when transitioning to driving with the internal combustion engine
- Fuel consumption benefit of up to 22% (depending on the vehicle application)


- Integration between existing internal combustion engines/transmissions

 Performance data:

- Internal combustion engines up to 800Nm
- Electric motors up to 100kW
- Very high clutch dynamics < 100ms

Produit aide au remorquage
EA15 SIARR produit aide au remorquage

Market launch: 2015/01

Reversing a car with a coupled trailer is always a challenge – the steering is counterintuitive, the driver overreacts with the steering and the trailer jackknifes. Westfalia-Automotive has developed a new system that measures the angle between the towing vehicle and drawbar. This innovative breakthough has been the platform for the development of Westfalia’s “Trailer Towing Assistant”. It allows automated reversing of a trailer. A key component of the system is a rotary sensor that is integrated into the towball, it is this sensor that transfers information about the trailer’s precise position to the vehicle. This advancement in towing technology will be launched for the first time in the 2015 Audi Q7.

A transmitter ring with 16 permanent magnets is precisely located in a milled recessed ring in the towball and moves around a sensor. The transmitter ring is connected with the trailer’s coupling and provides a continuous stream of data to the sensor about the rotary motion of the trailer. The sensor measures the movement and therefore the kink angle and transfers the data to the vehicle. This is when the vehicle’s onboard system takes over the steering when reversing. The driver chooses the direction and position of where they want the trailer to go via an onboard control, they then gently accelerate and the car reverses into the chosen position.The rotary sensor comes with a maximum deviation of 0.5°. The high resolution of 0.01° enables the sensor to measure the angle very precisely – even in poor weather conditions. The system can be integrated into fixed and retractable towbars with electronics and cable being fully integrated into the towbar. The innovative technology behind Westfalia-Automotive’s “Trailer Towing Assistant” can supply data that will be used for even more new functions in the future. Tomorrow’s towbar is an information-interface, being “intelligent” rather than just a connection.

Spare parts and aftermarket category



Company: BV Corporation 
Market launch: 2015/05

BV Corporation Auto Lens repair kits allow users to cover a hole or crack in a tail light or headlight lens which has been broken by a shock.

Kits consist of adhesive, thin and flexible panels, available in three colours: Red, Amber and White (clear).

Panels also come in every colour, in plain (non-grid) and transparent versions or textured and translucent versions if the light diffuser of the lens is also broken.

The kits fix a typical broken tail light lens in situ, without removing the housing. Certain  repair panels have a pre-formed grid pattern that closely matches the colour and reflective qualities of the lens.

The panel mounts quickly and easily on flat or curved surfaces with a special adhesive gasket forming a weatherproof seal.

Easy to use: Clean the lens and hold the panel over the damaged area to determine the size, allowing overlap on all sides of damage. Cut the repair panel to size, peel backing from panel, press the panel to the lens and run your fingers around the edges to ensure a good bond.

This repair offers the following advantages:

- Fast and easy to apply without removing the housing
- Restores light diffuser grid pattern
- Forms a permanent weatherproof seal
- Limits the environmental impact and cost of recycling the broken lens.

The first innovation is to offer the best repair cost for minor damage compared to the cost of replacing the lens.

The innovation of BV Corporation is to offer a kit combining smooth and textured panels. The association of both types of panel allows the light diffuser grid pattern to be restored internally and to offer an attractive aesthetic appearance as well. 

This concept of repair is intended for professionals to offer the repair service at the best cost. These kits can also be used by consumers as a DIY repair kit.


Selected product: VDO REDI SENSOR
Market launch: 2014/06

The new REDI-Sensor facilitates TPMS service.With more and more vehicles being equipped with tyre pressure monitoring systems, this will have an impact on workshop tyre service and specialist tyre dealers. Vehicles with indirect systems must be recalibrated after tyre pressure is changed or if a tyre is replaced. For vehicles with direct systems, the easiest way to ensure proper operation, when used with both summer and winter tyres, is to have an additional set of sensors. And this is where the VDO REDI-Sensor makes its mark: while in the shop business today, virtually every vehicle that is now equipped with TPMS requires a specific TPMS sensor, in the future workshops will be able to equip many of the vehicles on the market with only three different VDO REDI-Sensors. This substantially facilitates stock and logistics at workshops and in the parts trade. In addition, the VDO REDI-Sensor has other advantages.

No additional sensor programming effort for workshops:

While comparable solutions must have the sensor programmed for each vehicle on the spot, i.e. in the workshop, a different approach is taken with the VDO REDI-Sensor: it is delivered “ready for installation”, meaning it is already pre-programmed and ready for the OE vehicle relearn procedure – hence the product name, which is derived from the word “ready”.

New positioning of the sensor:

Most TPMS sensors currently on the market are combined with the tyre valve, whereas the VDO REDI-Sensor is attached to the inner liner of the tyre. This can help make sensor installation easier for workshops, and protects the sensor better against mechanical damage and dramatically reduces corrosion potential, among other advantages.  Since it is positioned inside the tyre, the European VDO REDI-Sensor is capable of being combined with virtually any wheel or valve stem style.


Market launch: 2013/11

TEROSON PU 9225 SF ME is a 2-component fast-curing repair adhesive. It is typically used for repair tasks on paintable interior and exterior plastic parts, in particular for smaller damages such as scratches or holes in bumpers, spoilers, aprons, etc. There is no R40 risk phrase due to micro-emission technology. The product can be cured with infrared light at 60°C.

Easy application with the TEROSON ET HANDGUN TWIN CR 25ML and an appropriate static mixer.

Surface preparation with TEROSON VR 20 recommended.


- Recommended for repair areas smaller than 7cm
- Excellent sandability
- Superior adhesion on plastics (use adhesion promoter TEROSON 150 PRIMER)
- Overpaintable with all car paint systems (use adhesion promoter)
- Improved health & safety due to MicroEmission™ properties
- Technical Data:
- Product base: 2-component polyurethane
- Colour: dark grey
- Pot life: approx. 2 min.
- Pack size: Cartridge 2 x 25ml


Market launch: 2015/08

OPTIBELT celebrates a world premiere: Optibelt SECURED is the first drive belt with integrated wear indicator. From now on, no tools are required to securely test the life cycle of the belt.

Thanks to the integrated SECURED Change Control, wear shows automatically:

At the end of the life cycle a red colour marking is visible on the inside of the belt. Only then should a belt change be recommended to the vehicle owner.

SECURED Change Control premium technology is a world exclusive from OPTIBELT. It optimises service intervals and makes a significant contribution to more efficient use of cycles.

To ensure the correct functioning of the “Change Control System”, precise mixtures of materials were developed and tested to offer this colour marking technology. In fact, in the past there was no way to safely control the actual wear of a ribbed V-belt without tools. 


Selected product: INA GEARBOX
Market launch: 2014/11

INA GearBOX provides workshops with all they need to repair gearboxes, which was previously mostly a specialist business.
It enables every garage to perform transmission repairs – and therefore to boost their profits (parts + labour) in comparison to replacing a complete gearbox, whilst enhancing their image of technical expertise to the end consumer, who will benefit from cheaper repairs in relation to the residual value of the car.

This repair solution considerably simplifies transmission repair. It contains not only Schaeffler’s expertise regarding the most common causes of transmission failure, but also all necessary components for professional repair.
The INA GearBOX concept is based on a thorough analysis of typical gearbox failures for each individual transmission type and is extremely oriented towards workshop practice. Each INA GearBOX contains the necessary components for workshops to repair every kind of transmission professionally.

Connectivity category

Actia automotive produit
EA15 Actia automotive produit


Selected product: ACTIA ICAN
Market launch: 2015/10

The ACTIA iCAN unit is a diagnostic and telematics tool retrofitted in light vehicles and light utility vehicles that can fulfil all of the functions related to remote diagnostics and in-workshop diagnostics. It heralds the new generation of connected vehicles. The “plug and play” unit connects to the OBD socket and, through a system of automatic recognition of the vehicle's electronic architecture, makes it possible to carry out manufacturer diagnostic operations on various makes of vehicles. It is not a simple “OBD dongle” – rather, it carries all of the power of a diagnostic tool. Used remotely, iCAN acts as a telematics unit that automatically adapts its request strategy when the vehicle is in motion in order to maintain the safety of the vehicle. It enables information to be communicated to a back-office (fleet manager, workshop, etc.) about the route covered (km, fuel consumption, GPS tracking, average speed, etc.), driver behaviour and information specific to each vehicle platform, such as the actual mileage or the next service interval. The workshop is able to obtain precise vehicle diagnostics: parameter monitoring (battery, temperatures, pressures, levels, etc.) and manufacturer error codes. In connection with the Multi-Diag® knowledge base, these error codes are then interpreted. In the workshop, iCAN acts as a vehicle interface, compatible with Multi-Diag®. There is no longer any need to connect to another interface to communicate with the vehicle. iCAN thus becomes a communicative link and carries out all of the diagnostics and configurations requested by the mechanic on the Multi-Diag® tool. Finally, iCAN can inform the driver through a Bluetooth® interface that allows for dialogue with various applications on a smartphone. ACTIA iCAN is a central pillar of the “360° workshop,” an absolute environment and ecosystem of equipment and services in which ACTIA® enables professionals to increase their scope of operation on the vehicle.


Market launch: 2014/10

This is more than just a TPMS tool: the ATEQ VT56 has built on the features and user-friendliness of the VT55 TPMS tool in a completely reconceived package. Technicians who have grown to love the ATEQ TPMS experience will continue to enjoy the easy tool navigation and trouble-free updates they expect with the VT56.

Technicians only need to select the make, model and year of the vehicle and press the ENTER button OR just scan the vehicle’s VIN.

- Intelligent, intuitive and totally re-invented
- High resolution 4.3” colour display
- The most advanced TPMS tool on the market

A fully updateable, universal TPMS tool that is designed to activate all TPMS sensors and store sensor data. Using the OBDII connector, this data can be transferred to the vehicle to reset the ECU when a sensor is replaced or wheel positions are changed. All known programmable sensors can be programmed with the VT56.

OBDII location: The VT56 knows the location of every car’s OBDII connector and displays it.

The VT56 displays all sensor information on a single screen. Transfer to OBDII or print the sensor details right away.

Integrated help: All the information you need at your fingertips: help, tool training, vehicle reset procedures and aftermarket sensor part numbers.

VIN scan: Simply scan the vehicle’s vehicle identification number to copy or clone TPMS sensors quickly and easily.


Company: CELETTE
Market launch: 2014/09

Celette France SAS presents the new 3D software for the Electronic Measuring System NAJA Evolution. An array of technical innovations for the collision repair professional.
First, its ergonomics have been completely re-designed and updated in order to provide users the best efficiency, a perfect visualisation of the control points in 3D with the live targeting of the deviated points and 3D mapping of the distortions of measures.
The software is also compatible with new technologies and is usable on tablets.

The system can be customised with a multi-view screen that can be entirely set up to meet your needs. Points can be added on an existing datasheet,or the user can create a new datasheet for more flexibility in all circumstances.
Finally, connectivity to the Internet gives access to multiple services such as updates, the worldwide vehicle database and data storage on the Celette Cloud to save and share your data with our experts.
In the Damaged Vehicle Measuring Market, NAJA 3D Software is the only product where the ergonomics, customisation and connection to the web reaches previously unattainable levels.


Selected product: OBD-BT-DONGLE
Market launch: 2015/12

Continental, under its brand VDO, has designed a Bluetooth® OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) dongle that facilitates vehicle diagnostic data extraction. Delivering information related to on-board electronics and engines such as service indication, faults, fuel consumption, RPM or battery charge level, through standardised and OEM specific protocols.
Access to this data is achieved via the OBD socket, typically located under the steering wheel, where the dongle is connected. The data is collected and transferred by Bluetooth® to a dedicated mobile app and then to a central server.
This tool was made for operators and service providers. It analyses and processes data via specific algorithms to give standardised information that is easy to use.
Thus, each stakeholder can, through their own mobile app and backend systems, offer a number of services such as safety alerts (loss of pressure, low oil level, accident), maintenance alerts (service due, faults) or style guidance (wrong gear, over-revving).

Access to this data represents a major advance in the world of connected vehicles. It provides a major component in building intelligent solutions for eco-driving, safety, PAYD / PHYD, and vehicle maintenance. Regarding garages, it promises to simplify and optimise their work and planning, allowing them to offer a personalised, geolocated service in order to enrich their customer experience.

Key points: 
1 - Confident connection: the device is designed to fulfill vehicle manufacturer and industry standards ensuring there is no interference with vehicle systems.
2 - Integration with Continental servers to access diagnostics data and build advanced layers of service.
3 - New approach for garages: better use of their capabilities, new services for customers to improve satisfaction and retention.
4 - Driving behavioral changes thanks to new dedicated applications.

DAF Conseil / eXponentia produit
EA15 produit DAF Conseil / eXponentia

Company: DAF Conseil / eXponentia
Selected product: AUTOMY - REPAIR SUITE 
Market launch: 2015/09

The first fully integrated SaaS software suite for car repair networks (light vehicles, HGVs, two-wheeled vehicles, etc.) that allows comprehensive treatment of all data, independent of the module used, secure data storage and escalation of data to different levels within the network (distributors, regions, networks, etc…).

The suite proposes a series of functional modules each of which operate independently of the others:
- Online appointment taking and quotation (Booking)
- Real-time vehicle reception tablet (Check-in)
- Augmented reality online technical assistance (Ticket)
- Multi-brand management tools (cost and invoicing) (WebGest)
- Satisfaction surveys, multi-channel relational marketing campaign tool (Cap Services)
- Virtual maintenance book for Smartphones (DriveCool)

The benefits of this repair suite are:
- Data transfer to all levels of the network with dedicated dashboards
- A single data source for all data
- A global solution covering every stage of the customer journey, from the initial request for an appointment to the restitution of the vehicle after service with in parallel the capacity to manage targeted direct marketing campaigns that enhance customer loyalty
- The suite is fully multilingual and will be made available in France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. The suite is produced by DAF Conseil, France and Tekné Consulting, Italy as part of a joint partnership.

T-SCAN produit
EA15 Produit T-SCAN

Company: T-SCAN
Selected product: GROOVE GLOVE 
Market launch: 2015/09

The Groove Glove utilises the Tyre Profile cloud-based software to compute the tread wear, calculate the tread depth and determine if the wear indicates that alignment is needed. Within seconds, the TreadTrackerTM consumer report is created and becomes a powerful tool to engage the consumer and sell more tyres and alignments. This the first of its kind laser-powered tyre tread depth and alignment measurement instrument that fits in the palm of your hand.

The Groove Glove provides detailed tyre tread depth and vehicle alignment using the powerful software used by TreadSpec drive over products. Quickly complete a vehicle scan anywhere in the service facility: all you need is a wireless signal. The software then computes a customer report to dramatically increase tyre and alignment sales.

Features / benefits:

- Durable lightweight, portable
- Integrated barcode scanner for vehicle ID
- Integrated camera for license plate recognition
- Laser measure
- Touchscreen display for easy user interface
- Lasers measure over 400 points across the tyre
- On-board gyroscope and accelerometer for accurate measurements

Service – Service Areas – Aftermarket networks category

Actia automotive produit 360
EA15 Actia automotive produit360


Selected product: 360° SERVICES FOR YOUR WORKSHOP
Market launch: 2016/01

ACTIA Automotive will soon offer new 360° service agreements. Simple, concrete, reliable and benefitting from the last network innovations, this commitment is timely and will revolutionise the “services” approach of the automobile aftermarket. The 360° service is intended to cover all assistance requirements for customers around their devices and activity, fully meeting their expectations.

These services are available in tailored new agreements combining a base made up of the essential expected services and a range of innovative, accessible and reassuring options to cover the full scope of workshop needs.

These 4 essential topics cover 16 options for the workshop:

1)Daily assistance, whether is data processing, telephone and/or expert level.
Aiming to identify issues using current technologies such as remote assistance on customer’s tools; ideal for fast-fitters.

2)Devices, with annual maintenance, software updates and databases, supply consumables or warranty extensions.
Aiming to protect and guarantee the operational maintenance of investments but also to provide authentic and reliable consumables; safety for independent garages.

3)Activity, with online or on-site training, repair service in under 72hrs or additional tool renting.
Aims to preserve workshop skills, boost operational continuity and offer the option to rent additional tools in order to absorb a temporary activity increase; options required by dealers or fast-fitters.

4)An extranet (available soon), with FAQs, intervention schedule, intermediate updates and ability to save customer data.
Provides an online space to find breakdown cases, select dates or maintain an updated tool in real time.


Company: CONTiTECH
Market launch: 2015/04

Even more comprehensive and intuitive, the new ContiTech Power Transmission Group’s Product Information Center (PIC) is available for computers and mobile devices. With a clearer structure despite its expanded functionality, the PIC offers information on all ContiTech products for the automotive aftermarket, fitting instructions and practical fitting tips at a glance. A flyer and video are available which explain how workshops can access the PIC easily and free of charge, and what content the portal holds.

Once the article number has been entered at www.contitech.de/pic, the system displays all relevant and up-to-date information – without any need to register or log in first. To download Technical Instructions, the comprehensive fitting instructions; all that is needed is a code from the product packaging. Mobile devices can also access the PIC directly via the QR code on the product packaging. The PIC provides mechanics with all the key information for every repair involving belt drive components within seconds – 
The new PIC is available in 16 languages and is completely embedded in the ContiTech website and linked to the online catalogue. All the new product groups – from torsional vibration dampers to overrunning alternator pulleys, mounting sets and multi-V belt kits – have been incorporated. Profile images of the belts contained are now also included in the parts lists of all the kits. 
In just two and a half minutes, the new explanatory video provides a comprehensive insight into the possibilities and advantages of PIC. Illustrated in an amusing story about Tom the mechanic, the video sums up the benefits of digital services in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.

The flyer highlights the accessibility and usefulness of PIC as well. As in the video, the daily workshop routine of the cartoon character is central to the information brochure.

Selected product: FM-FOR-ME 
Market launch: 2014/09

Federal Mogul Motorparts expands its field marketing program; FM-For-Me. FM-For-Me is a tailor-made program designed to support the specific needs of customers in the arena of automotive repair and maintenance, from distributor to installer, to improve their technical expertise and product knowledge. The program’s dedicated field team visits thousands of installers every year, offering in-depth service to support their work and business growth.

Started some months ago in France and now rolled out also to Germany, the program is built around five key areas; 
- My Team – with a dedicated field team each customer has a known single point of contact who can address any question related to their business, quickly and efficiently, at every visit.

- My Business – FM-For-Me analyses customers’ sales and calculates the total part selling potential. The team then uses this data to devise a tailored sales plan, integrating technical training and promotions, to help to grow their business, release more turnover and reach higher profit levels.

- My Stock – Federal-Mogul researches the local car population and recommends what to stock. Through this enhanced market knowledge, distributors can increase their sales and profitability while garages can be confident they can get the parts they need quickly and efficiently.

- My Campus – Federal-Mogul’s online training platform provides customers with free 24/7 access to interactive learning resources. It offers a comprehensive training program to help users better understand products and improve their technical understanding.

- My Bonus - FM-For-Me provides incentives to members of the program. Customers earn points based on their purchases and can trade them in for prizes.


Company: GUERNET Compresseurs
Selected product: POWER MOTOR SYSTEM 
Market launch: 2015/06

Users of compressed air equipped with mobile units are continuously looking to improve the space, weight and pollution levels of their vans. To meet this need, GUERNET COMPRESSEUR decided to commercialise its POWER MOTOR SYSTEM. This system is a compressor directly driven by the engine of the van, by the crankshaft accessory pulley and a belt. The compressor is directly linked to a storage tank underneath the vehicle, and the compressed air is delivered through a hose. The pressure can be set up to 11 Bars (about 160 PSI) with a flow rate of 42m3/h. The operator can switch on the compressor using a control panel on the workstation at the rear of the vehicle. The innovative part of the system is that the engine of the van drives the compressor. So you avoid installing another engine in the rear cabin, and also avoid the carrying and handling of gas cannisters. The system is equipped with an adjustable timer (1 to 10 minutes) allowing the accelerated engine speed to automatically switch off when the user does not use the compressed air and the tank is full. Therefore, fuel consumption and emissions are limited. The whole system is entirely concealed within the vehicle which offers clients constant access to compressed air without cluttering the workspace, and weighing only 79 kg. To summarise, the POWER MOTOR SYSTEM combines functionality, accessibility, security, compliance and economy for any users needing compressed air for their business. For now, our new system is only available for Renault Master front wheel drive single turbo 110 and 125 horsepower. Its adaptability will be scalable depending on customer demand and other versions are already in progress.

Produit Roboki de OKI
EA15 Produit Roboki de OKI

Company: OKI
Selected product: ROBOKI 
Market launch: 2016/01

3D car-washing robot: A flexible, precise and articulated arm, made of carbon fibre, traces the vehicle with a 3D scanner in order to conduct a washing trajectory as close as possible to the vehicle. (No shape restriction, up to type H1L1, with or without accessories and adjustments). Tailor-made, precise, effective and safe car-washing. All movements and obstacles are avoided and analysed before setting the safety measures. There are two safety levels in ROBOKI: palpation mode, which protects the vehicle from any contact with the environment, by air cushion, sensitive cover and detectors, and safety mode: if an irregularity is detected, the arm will be put in the withdrawal position and carry out a second test. If the modification (e.g. an open door is closed), is no longer present in the cartography, the operation will restart without interrupting the washing program. The articulated arm may revolve in 2 tracks alternately, which therefore doubles the speed of washing. Waiting time for users, such as placing vehicles and program choice, will be reduced. The unique washing process is a dosing system designed, developed and manufactured by OKI, according to washing system and types of dirt. Users can prepare a personalised washing program step by step according to the type of dirt on the vehicle (e.g. specific dirt in some precise parts: mud = under the car, mosquitoes = on the front of the car). Water-saving: The high-pressure washing nozzles can be opened and closed by adapting the cartography of vehicle (nozzles beyond the range of the vehicle = closed). The water, which is 100% discharged from a reverse osmosis system, is recycled. Other advantages include less electricity consumption, reduced structure (absence of rails), monitoring/control/real-time management, and a personalised dashboard. It is 100% made in France; by a French and international patent-unique designer and manufacturer of a washing system and structure from A to Z.

Garage equipment category

3M FRANCE produit
EA15 3M FRANCE produit


Company: 3M
Selected product: COLORMATCH FILM
Market launch: 2015/06

3M™ Color Match film is an small adhesive film that makes it easier for painters to choose quickly between different colours by eliminating any risk of error. It is adhesive and easy to re-position, like a Post-it, on all surfaces. It allows users to check the colour being able to observe it from different angles.
Flexible and adaptable, it exists in 3 colours: light grey, medium grey and dark grey, to meet all the needs of bodyshop painters.
In addition to its technical characteristics, its packaging and its ease of use and storage make it an essential tool for painters.


Company: AVL DiTEST
Selected product: AVL DITEST HV SAFETY 2000
Market launch: 2014/01

Developed specifically for the automotive industry, AVL DiTEST HV Safety 2000 – the high-voltage measurement module – guarantees stringent compliance with all safety requirements and the safety in the workshop. AVL DiTEST HV Safety 200 is the first “all in one” device able to perform measurements according to UNECE R100. It supports the requirements of a measurement with 1 ampere and this exclusively using the standard USB port, without any additional power supply or batteries.

- Menu-guided measurement of the de-energised condition with continuous documentation
- Active insulation resistance measurement utilising integrated test voltage generator
- Integrated voltmeter up to1,000V
- Equipotential bonding measurement according to UNECE R100
- Standard multimeter functions
- Guided diagnostics and measurement procedure
- Power supply via USB interface
- Can be calibrated for reproducible accuracy


Company: CAPELEC
Market launch: 2015/10

The CAP2700 has been developed for the light source market which is experiencing a complete revolution. Vehicle manufacturers and designers are taking advantage of latest optical technologies in order to differentiate and provide unique new models. The use of complex shapes and instantaneous technology with active LED Matrix innovations are contributing to that trend. Adjustment and service are becoming complex, requiring accuracy for positioning and measuring. CAP2700 brings the automation and fast operation that operators are no longer able to provide.

With 3 assisted positioning features and a new digital imaging process, the CAP2700 is compatible with all existing light sources: Halogen, Xenon and LED, for low, high and fog beam. An XL lens complies with multiple LED modules, offering a complete and high definition picture of the beam. CAP2700 meets all regulations and expectations: cut-off, dazzling, intensity, lateral angle…

CAP2700 can be easily implemented in a vehicle inspection line. It can be customised and adapted: parking at the right or the left of the lane, shared tool in between 2 lanes, on both sides of a production lane (beam tuning assistance).

Its on-board inclinometer offers instant dynamic adjustment of the optical sensor tilt, independently of the traffic on the lane, track wear, or floor deterioration. It’s completed by full wireless connectivity (power supply, data communication and environment monitoring). Both new features reduce installation costs, with no civil works or wire connection. Batteries power embedded electronic and motors. They are automatically reloaded when parked in the standby location. Wireless data transmission is operated by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. It is used for vehicle positioning assistance. If required, a remote control box can be used.

CAP2700 has been developed for the light source market which is experiencing a complete revolution. Vehicle manufacturers and designers are taking advantage of the latest optical technologies in order to differentiate and provide unique new models. 


Selected product: ARTIGLIO UNIFORMITY 
Market launch: 2015/10

Uniformity from Corghi is the world’s first diagnostic tyre changer. It covers analysis of wheel irregularities and step-by-step match-mounting. Designed by Corghi specialists, Uniformity is the first technology that allows match-mounting to be carried out directly on the tyre changer, transforming it into a real wheel diagnosis centre: essential for the professional who wants to provide clients with a first-class service.

Thanks to a presser roller with variable thrust and high-precision laser sensors, it not only performs the normal tyre mounting and demounting operations but also a complete diagnosis of the single wheel and/or the entire wheel set of the vehicle, analysing the geometry with and without a load and simulating on-road behaviour to boost the driver's comfort and safety.

It resolves the vibration problem, telling the tyre specialist how to mount the tyre on the rim in the best possible way (match-mounting), thereby reducing current work times by at least 25% and eliminating 50% of the steps previously required. Each operation is indicated in a very simple manner, thanks to the video interface with its modern, user-friendly graphics.

During the normal mounting and demounting of the tyres, it analyses the geometry of the rim and the uniformity of the tyre (radial and side rigidity, and any geometric deformation that may cause vibrations while driving).

It guides the operator step-by-step through the tasks to be carried out.

It resolves any irregularities found, optimising the coupling position of the rim and tyre (match-mounting) - the only real solution to this problem, avoiding the need to use a tyre changer and wheel balancer.

All the fundamental steps to replace and check the tyre and the entire wheel are performed on a single machine, so the wheel balancer is only used for the final balancing phase.


Company: FACOM
Market launch: 2015/10

With this auto-adjustable sanding block, re-building a curve or elliptical surface is fast and easy. There is no risk of making surfaces “flat”.

The self-adjustable FACOM sanding blocks follow a vehicle’s curves with the entire sanding paper surface. 

They allow users to work faster, more precisely and better.

Only a few layers of mastic filler are enough to re-shape the vehicle’s bodywork. Quality: a perfect curve and elliptical surface. Available in 200 and 400mm versions.

EA15 Filcar produit - GPIIA

Company: FILCAR
Selected product: ARMTEL 
Market launch: 2015/05

A telescopic arm for motor vehicle and motorcycle exhaust gases which does not need the nozzle to be attached to the vehicle muffler, thus avoiding accidental damage to the vehicle. The arm flexibility allows it to be used with both vehicles on the lift bridge and on the ground, without changing the nozzle. The handling system of this arm (two patents have been issued) never comes into contact with the exhaust gases: in this way the arm efficiency remains unchanged. The arm has a closing valve which opens automatically with the arm lowering. It can be used on all existing Filcar tracks. It can be installed either on the ceiling, on the wall or on all existing Filcar tracks.


Company: GYS
Selected product: GYSPRESS 8T
Market launch: 2015/03

This product is the equivalent of the bulky hydraulic riveting machines that are primarily found in manufacturing plants. Its strongest point is its ability to condense the same mechanical technologies used in traditional riveting machines within a 30cm portable tool. Much more flexible and convenient to use, the riveter’s arm can be switched in order to work on every inch of the car body.

The main advantages of the GYSPRESS 8T are:
- It is portable and mobile
- Compact, light and easy to use, it can press up to 8 tons
- It has a selection of interchangeable arms 
- It is affordable and competitively priced
- Made by GYS, made in France
Compact and light, the GYSPRESS is the lightest riveter in its category. GYS has produced several die kits, one for each car manufacturer. The GYSPRESS is an easily upgradeable machine and doesn’t require maintenance. 
GYS works every day to simplify and improve this tool, while considering the needs of the end user. For example, its manometer makes setup both easy and precise.

EA15 HELLA produit - GPIIA

Company: HELLA
Selected product: CSC TOOL
Market launch: 2014/10

The CSC (Camera and Sensor Calibration) tool enables effective and accurate calibration of a wide range of camera-based driver assist systems.

Key features:

- Compatible with a wide range of vehicles and camera-based driver assist systems
- A flexible, modular system which can be tailored to individual workshop requirements
- Provides accurate results with no need for a fully-equipped axle alignment station, levelled workshop floor or platform lift
- Full integration with mega macs diagnostic tools
- Based on radar and camera technology
- Built to last


Company: MIRKA
Market launch: 2015/11

OSP is a surface preparation system based on a simple 4-step process and using patented abrasives and tools. It reduces the time spent on bodywork repairs while still guaranteeing a perfect finish.

This easy-to-grasp 4-step process makes it possible to obtain repeatable results. It significantly reduces the overall time spent on surface preparation by up to 50% while at the same time offering a premium quality finish.

OSP-1 abrasive is optimised for the first step in the work process. It is aggressive enough to perform the task correctly but also sufficiently gentle to reduce the time required for the next steps. Since the substrate suffers less damage at the beginning of the repair job, the other steps are considerably shorter, thus speeding up the entire process. The following step effectively eliminates any scratch marks and the overall repair time is greatly reduced.

While traditional abrasives tend to clog up and form aggregates, the thousands of tiny holes in OSP abrasives allow for dust-free sanding and, because the discs do not get clogged up, their product life is considerably extended. Furthermore, the use of different sized grains ensures efficient sanding at each step of the process.

The finishing phase uses a foam-backed OSP disc which provides an added measure of flexibility, ensuring that it easily moulds itself to the contours of the surface being repaired.

Another innovation of the OSP system is that the discs are mounted on tools that combine efficiency and ergonomics. Mirka® DEROS, an orbital electric sander, is two times lighter and more compact than the other sanders in its category. Along with Mirka®PROS650CV, a pneumatic sander, both are equipped with a specially designed plate for maximum dust extraction to ensure a clean work environment. The pneumatic 70x198 Mirka® OS383, a faster alternative to a hand-held sanding block, makes it possible to achieve a much more regular reduction of ridges.

The use of innovative products in this standardised repair process produces impeccable results. With a guarantee of no dust and no grains in the paintwork, OSP is a particularly efficient system.

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