100 startups will get visitors talking at EQUIP AUTO!

EQUIP AUTO joins the FRENCH TECH movement, inviting 100 startups and young innovative companies in the fields of the connected vehicle, communication objects, applications, data management (Big Data)... or working on projects related to intelligent transport and vehicles of the future.

The top international event in France for the automotive aftermarket and services this year takes a turn towards the digitisation of the sector, the development of connected vehicle services and mobility.


A revolution is underway in the automotive industry. Both in terms of emerging issues related to mobility and services, but even in terms of vehicle design, the industry itself and the automotive aftersales and services market. "With the # EAStartupRally, the exhibition aims to identify some of the key trends inspiring the future of sales and repair." One hundred entrepreneurs will present their innovations that may become the standards of tomorrow.


By hosting a variety of startups, EQUIP AUTO positions itself as an energising force, serving young innovative companies in the automotive industry and its services.This original and unique initiative will allow these young upstarts to benefit from the halo effect and international impact of EQUIP AUTO – both from traditional industry players, but also from investors and companies interested in new projects related to mobility.


EQUIP AUTO harnesses the power of its communications channels:
- A digital ecosystem created around the EQUIP AUTO brand (website, social media, mobile, application, blog, YouTube channel)
- Media partnerships (online and offline) with industry and "digital" specialists
- Partnerships with professional organisations in the sector
- Direct marketing activities (email, e-news) to qualified contacts.

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