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For over a century, the National Automobile Professions Advice Bureau (Conseil National des Professions de l'Automobile) has protected the interests of automotive distribution and services companies, offered its support to all member companies and planned for future developments in the automotive industry.

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FEDA represents professionals from the French independent automotive sector (parts trading, tools and equipment for vehicles and industry, auto centres, specialist workshops, HGV workshops, tyre specialists, garage equipment and tool maintenance, engine remanufacturers, car demolition firms).

The missions of FEDA are: 

  • Represent and defend the interests of the profession 
  • Promote independent distribution and the right to choose repair shops 
  • Inform, advise and assist members in the exercise of their profession 
  • Anticipate and prepare the profession to meet technological, legal and market developments, by any means including training, studies, communication, organizing working groups and think tanks.

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The National Federation of Automobile Workers (Fédérations Nationale des Artisans de l'Automobile) aims to develop a range of useful everyday services for skilled automotive professionals, ranging from repair, training and information to IT, internet and commercial services.

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Created by branch agreement, the GNFA has strengthened the skills of automobile service professionals for 40 years. We extend our services to all companies (manufacturers, distribution and maintenance networks, bodybuilders...) for all activities (new, used, parts, aftermarket...) and products (private, commercial, trade...) in a rapidly changing industry.

GNFA focuses its portfolio of skills (audits and advice, evaluation, engineering, media and information systems, training, events, logistics, support), its business expertise, its vocational knowledge and customer experience, on building a relevant and high-performing offering, creating value for your company and guaranteeing employability for your employees.

With over 15 training centres, 6 subsidiaries and 350 trainers, GNFA trains over 40,000 professionals each year.

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The Platform for Cooperation in the Automobile Industry (Plateforme de la Filière Automobile) was set up in April 2009 as a permanent cooperation platform where manufacturers and suppliers within the automotive manufacturing industry exchange best practices to improve and strengthen the French automotive industry's global competitiveness. 
It addresses the following topics:

  • research, innovation, technology and standardisation
  • jobs, skills and training
  • industrial excellence
  • strategies and changes

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The Automobile Engineers Society (Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile) provides a structure for the network of engineers and enthusiasts, interested in the automotive industry.

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Founded in 1985, the French national vehicle inspection association is the only trade body exclusively representing vehicle inspection centres. SNCTA takes part in employment and training initiatives and represents the profession to various ministries. It also analyses laws and regulations to contribute to defending the interests of the profession.

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The French Highways Union (l'Union Routière de France) is a wide-ranging organisation which brings together car and road users with professionals involved in the road sector, ranging from construction, traffic and highway management to security, logistics and haulage.

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