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In 2015, the car remarketing sector (Univers VO) brought together, for the first time in the same space, 15 key actors of the B-to-B used car sector. On the strength of this success, attended by over 4,000 professionals, the Univers VO concept has once again united the profession at EQUIP AUTO 2017, Pavillon 1 - Aisle N - Stand No. 116.



Alpine is a leader of multimedia equipment and on-board navigation systems for vehicles. Alpine is now developing specific solutions for each vehicle with the aim of becoming a genuine sales assistance tool to speed up the rotation of used and new vehicle stocks. Make your vehicles stand out by using the latest technologies (GPS, CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, touch-screen, USB, etc.) in your vehicles with Alpine.


More than a supplier, Appro Automobiles is your partner for your supplies of recent PSA and multi-brand vehicles. Because your business is to sell, Appro Automobiles takes care of your purchases, while you protect your margin and your peace of mind.


Autorigin is the only service that issues vehicle log reports (car, motorbike or utility vehicle) of the entire French vehicle fleet. These reports ensure you are better informed when buying a vehicle and inspire trust when it comes to selling your used vehicles. We aggregate databases from professionals, notably in the fields of distribution and after-sales, which we reproduce in an objective report to boost the business and sales of used vehicles.

BOOSTER GARAGE is a website for repairers who want to increase their workshop entries via innovative and customised solutions. It provides on-line tyre sales, on-line manufacturer service plans, sales, technical data and an entire range of communication tools.


Cardata, founded in 2008, is a publisher of client acquisition solutions in all areas of activity. Cardata has developed particular know-how in the "Automotive” and “Consumption” sectors. Its expertise is based on 10 dedicated brands and sites. On the strength of this experience, the Cardata group launched the first matching platform between customers and automotive professionals to meet growing market needs in terms of new vehicles, used vehicles and trade-ins: CardataPro. In keeping with the principles of Cardata, the CardataPro platform offers free access to its services, such as vehicle quotes (Cote- and only bills, individually or based on a package, the contacts of vehicle buyers who are selected by the professional.


With 46 years of experience and 2.1 million warranty agreements, CarGarantie is one of the biggest warranty specialists in Europe. Established in 23 countries, the company offers dealerships warranty programmes for new and used cars, motorbikes and electric bicycles. Over 30 manufacturers and importers and 23,000 partner dealerships benefit from the know-how and customer loyalty services of CarGarantie.


Representing authorised agents and independent garages, CNPA  is the biggest garage in France. The business of authorised agents and independent repairers represents and defends very small companies. It covers multiple activities: mechanics, bodywork, used vehicles, new vehicles, breakdown assistance, service station, washing, etc.

Weight of the branch in the market:

  • 24,700 garages in France
  • 91,700 employees and 19,780 company managers
  • Over 20 million customers
  • 50% of workshop entries in after-sales

30% new vehicles and 11.3% used vehicles sold


DeBeer Refinish


Digitaleo is a publisher of digital relationship marketing SaaS, specialised in the automotive sector, created in 2004 by Jocelyn DENIS. For 13 years, Digitaleo has been offering large companies, brands, dealerships, garages, sellers and other players in the automotive sector an all-in-one solution to boost their business with ready-to-use marketing campaigns and sales operations. Today we work with over 2,500 customers in the automotive sector in France. We are also developing a solution to organise the local and national marketing of groups or point-of-sale networks. With Accès Enseigne, manage your network’s advertising simply and drive local operations to boost point-of-sale business. An innovative and patented technology.


GarageScore SAS offers a digital solution to manage customer satisfaction and list customers’ opinions on the Web. It was set up in September 2015 by four professionals in digital technology: Olivier Guillemot (Chairman, Co-Founder), Benjamin Dechenaud (Managing Director, Co-Founder), Benjamin Bodrefaux (Product Director, Co-Founder) and Jean Sébastien Carinos (Chief Technical Officer). After 18 months of business, GarageScore has 600 active customers and 250,000 reviews published on the Web. Located in Arcueil, the start-up currently employs 19 people and forecasts turnover of around €1 million in 2017.


GCA Logistique Automobile is a French family firm. With a fleet of over 800 car transporters and 18 logistics sites all over France, we organise the transport, storage and preparation of new and used vehicles in our industrial workshops. Based on an assessment of the work to refurbish you vehicles, which can be consulted on the Web, for each type of damage you can view and decide on the repairs you want us to carry out. As our sites are fitted with photo laboratories, we take 2D and 3D high-definition photos.


A privileged partner of the automotive industry for nearly 70 years and European leader in transporting vehicles, GEFCO proposes a range of innovative and high added-value services to meet all the needs of new and used vehicle sellers:

  • Pre-delivery preparation of new vehicles (road-ready services)
  • Personalisation of new vehicles (accessories, specific fittings and equipment, markings, bodywork)
  • Re-marketing of used vehicles (refurbishment: bodywork, paintwork and appearance, 360° photo lab)
  • Storage (90 sites in the world, of which 13 in France)
  • Vehicle collection, multi-modal transport and delivery
  • Tracking and management of services via the customer portal

In 2017, GEFCO FRANCE expects to transport over 1 million vehicles and prepare 250,000 vehicles in France. GEFCO, the second largest logistics provider in France, offers complete solutions to cover everything from supply to final distribution, including all supply chain activities (road and maritime traffic logistics, storage and warehousing, packaging management, customs and tax representation, information management and financial flow management). In 2016, GEFCO posted turnover of €4.2 billion.


GT Motive, a Mitchell Partner Company, is a European company dedicated to the development of claims management solutions, maintenance and breakdowns assistance for the automotive sector. Its solutions provide the technology to get the best results and get you back to your daily routine following a vehicle accident or breakdown. GT Motive’s solutions enable you to simply and innovatively modulate and shape management processes adapting them to the specific needs of each of your customers. GT Motive, which has more than 45 years’ experience, can simplify and improve any exchange of information using cloud-based collaborative platforms, connect all the stakeholders involved in the process, thus generating efficiency, quality and savings.


SIMPLE, MOBILE, EFFICIENT: KEPLER SOFT is a used vehicle / new vehicle trade management solution designed for and by you. This tool is based on an in-depth audit of your professional needs and on our practical knowledge of the automotive market. Thanks to this modern solution, you can manage your business everywhere, on any medium and at any time.


MAPFRE WARRANTY is the automotive brand of MAPFRE, an international insurance company that originated in Spain. We mainly propose mechanical / electronic failure warranties and roadside assistance solutions. We are based in Paris and Lyon and, thanks to our experience stretching back more than 25 years, we give added value to all of our offers. Our sales team of 50 people all over France contributes each day to increasing our partners’ margins. On a daily basis, our 150 employees work to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Our vocation is to offer innovative services which meet our partners’ requirements and allow them to stand out at the same time.


PRO V.O is the largest stock of used Renault vehicles in France, with a site dedicated entirely to the on-line sale of used vehicles to traders. It groups together the entire stock of Renault Retail Group France, consisting of vehicles of all ages and all brands. With 250 new vehicles per day, numerous sales operations are organised on RRGPROVO.COM (auctions, tenders, mega deals, etc.) depending on vehicle categories: low prices, nearly new used vehicles, utility vehicles, other brands, etc. Each customer has a dedicated e-consultant for personalised support. Discover our stock and sales now!


You customers are mega-connected, but do they have easy access to all of your used-vehicle deals? Do you believe that you can fully meet their requirements manually, quickly and without any mistakes? Garage owners, sellers, dealerships: enjoy the benefits of an automatic and specialised solution, a versatile customer support solution to improve management of your business and accelerate your vehicle rotation. Ubiflow develops the only enriched data flows dedicated to the digital advertising of your automotive business. For 15 years, Ubiflow has accompanied over 30,000 businesses and boosts hundreds more each month. Its privileged relations with nearly 1,000 technical partners and its team of 50 specialists work every day to satisfy each customer.


VPN Autos, multi-brand vehicle distributor, has different businesses. Its two main activities are  the development of its trademark-licensed franchise, VPN Autos, which is present all over France; and wholesaler, acknowledged on the European market for the sale of nearly new used vehicles to traders via Espace Pro VPN.


On the programme: daily highlights with 5 round tables


  • Supply: the art of making a good used vehicle purchase
  • Services: securing the digital dimension of business is not where it ends. Think "phygital” too.
  • Consumers have their say: what do they expect from their used vehicle?
  • What are the best additional services or how to make a margin above and beyond supply?
  • Is C-to-C really an enemy? Could it be made into an asset?

Find the full programme on the site of Univers VO.

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