The Training & Demo space: EQUIP AUTO tutorials

An unprecedented programme of demonstrations, "EQUIP AUTO Tutorials". On the Training & Demo Space, workshops will be organised throughout the exhibition. Situated in Pavilion 3 and organised in partnership with the French automotive training association GNFA, this highlight will be boosted by the exhibitors’ operations on this same space or on their own stands: the full programme of demonstrations will soon be available. 

Media partner of the Training & Demo Space

Among the first workshops of the Training & Demo Space, the GNFA has already defined its workshop programme.

The Bodywork-Paint connected workshop

  • A workshop based on four divisions: “Bodywork / Paint / Loss Adjuster Relations / Costing”: the visitor, guided by a host and an avatar, will be asked about their business issues and will leave with a short assessment of their requirements.

Safety distance observance systems using the distance RADAR.

  • Workshop on how to configure radars and to identify the aftersales impact of this technology.

Autonomous vehicles

  • Workshop to present the different types of vehicles and their maintenance.                    

Depolluting and CO2 emissions

Understand European regulations and impacts. Differentiate between European depolluting regulations and regulations minimising CO2 emissions. Identify energies suitable for different vehicle uses.

  • Diesel demo workshop on depollution (reduction of NOx).
  • Petrol demo workshop on reducing CO2 emissions.

Reduction of tyre rolling resistance

  • Workshop to present the composition and characteristics of the "green" tyre (on display with demonstration and handling).
  • Workshop to present the geometry of undercarriages to reduce friction and rolling resistance of tyres (short training course with models and practical workshop).

These new tutorials will also be repeated on the show's YouTube channel, to view during and after EQUIP AUTO.