The Innovation & startups park

EQUIP AUTO has assumed the role of a springboard for young innovative companies working in the automotive aftersales industry, with its Innovation & Startups Park. Discover the star performers of the future, French and international start-ups who are set to revolutionise the vehicle maintenance sector. 

Sponsor of the Innovation & Startups Park

The startups showcased their innovations which could become the standards of tomorrow, and benefited from EQUIP AUTO’s international name and reputation among the sector’s traditional stakeholders, but also among investors and industrialists interested in new mobility-related projects.

Discover the participating Startups


Founded in 2013, Activ Car is a young technology start-up that has developed great skills in broadcasting second-hand car parts on the web. Activ Car places itself as an online end to end platform for e-commerce that enables end-of-life vehicles (ELV) centers to gain visibility from a mainstream audience to a target of  professionals with digital selling tools and a global marketing strategy dedicated to their needs. Today, through these tools, Activ Car centralizes more than one million used car parts. Of which nearly 500.000 are either published on customers e-commerce sites or sold on marketplaces, while meeting the web standard quality criteria.


ADAS or “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” occupy a special place in the automotive and transport sector. They bring together all technologies and active driver information safety or assistance systems to avoid dangerous situations that might lead to an accident; they free the driver from a number of tasks that could undermine his/her vigilance; they assist driver awareness of the environment (overtaking detector, freezing risk detector etc. ).


The photo box "All Around Car" allows you to photograph and broadcast 360 interactives animations and photos of vehicles and spare parts. Created in 2011, the All Around Production company has been marketing its solution, designed and manufactured in France, since 2015. Available in two sizes, the photo box is an innovative industrial system. It integrates all photos, lighting, post-processing, hosting and pre-webcast operations. User experience feedbacks confirm the three Customer Advantages : a powerful Re-Marketing tool for VO and spare parts, the Industrialization and standardization of Photo and Diffusion processes, and the Productivity gains.


Autovisual is based on its unique technology to optimize your used car activity. With 90 million ads in base, the site references all second-hand cars for sale on the European market. As a Sourcing, Valuation and Market research solution, Autovisual allows to identify in a few clicks the good deals for sale, and to obtain all the indicators to buy and sell at the best prices. Finding and evaluating used vehicles has never been easier.

Car Care

Car Care is a digital solution designed for mechanics to retain customers and increase their revenue with:

- A software creating customer loyalty
- A mobile app named after the mechanic’s name.
- A fully dedicated business support

  • 2017 award winner of the Garage equipment of the year organized by “Décision Atelier”
  • 2016 award winner of the mobile app contest organized by the french region Auvergne Rhônes Alpes (Lyon)
  • 2017 finalist of the mobile app contest organized by “Le journal de l’automobile”


CARFIT monitors and interprets the vibrations of your car, transforming them into real, data-driven insights of the state of its wearing parts (tires, wheels, shocks & brakes...). Thanks to these algorithms, the connected device CARFIT PULS placed on your steering wheel can predict your real maintenance needs like a good mechanic would!

CARROSSIER-PRO.FR is the new actor for repair & collision professionals! Proud of the acquired experience thanks to our activity with large automotive central procurement, we now offer to all auto body mechanic a selection of essential consumables and tools. In order to meet the new needs for savings and increase purshase and work productivity, our products are offered to you at advantageous prices on a sliding scale. Quality products for the work of passionate professionals, without compromising on the price!


DEPANN'MOI is a family start-up company which proposes to connect auto towing truck with road users, whether private or professional.

By phone or with the application, it is possible for anyone to call a towing and repair service according to their needs: whether it is a flat battery, a rugged vehicle, bogged down or in a ditch, DEPANN'MOI will be able to help you. DEPANN'MOI is present throughout France but also in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


DriveQuant offers connected driving services (prognostic, ecodriving, safety, customer engagement…). Given our combined expertise in automotive, physics and mathematics we have developed pioneer services such as pollutant emission monitoring (not only CO2 but also CO, NOx and particles) or prognostic based on a physical modelling. You can benefit from these innovative services by integrating it to your device-based telematics solution or to your existing smartphone app, or using our white-labelled application.


Expedicar is the FeDex of the car market. Thanks to its innovative logistics schemes, Expedicar enables individuals and companies to get their cars transported as simply as packages.


FIDCAR is a solution to be able to manage e-reputation for dealerships. FIDCAR contacts all clients and collects automatically reviews which are integrated on his website and improve visibility on Google.

FIDCAR allows to directly increase Google scores and aggregate all Google, Facebook or Yellow Pages reviews in one interface to easy answered.

Professionals are alerted as soon as they receive a negative review or a new lead to buy a vehicle from an after-sales customer.     


Fidzup is the first performance Mobile Marketing platform for Brick & Mortar retailers that allows them to analyze and connect both in-store and online behavioral data and accurately target prospects and consumers through programmatic advertising based on strong performance insights which enables them to buy their advertising smarter with a Cost-Per-Visit (CPV) business model and precisely measured advertising ROI leading to increased foot traffic.


FleetBack is a web and mobile application that helps car dealers optimize communication with their customers and deliver outstanding customer experience through the use of photo and video presentations. Our mission is to (re)connect your dealership with your clients and go beyond their expectations by providing them with reactive, personal and transparent customer service.

Fleetback helps you:

  • Wow your clients and boost loyalty
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Build promptness
  • Improve internal processes


GoodMecano is a platform connecting customers wishing to assemble a piece purchased on the internet (or elsewhere) and a mechanic (or a painter). Our site offers a whole range of services, including a quote automatically generated from the manufacturer data and the hourly rate freely set by the mechanic. An online calendar service with SMS reminder, and several other tools to increase its visibility and productivity. Registration is free.


Kibitoh is a startup, specialized in Marketing and Communication in the automotive distribution sector. Deployment of innovative tools:

- Call Tracking solutions: monitoring the performance of multichannel communication and optimizing the use of contacts
- Direct marketing campaigns via SMS & "smart" emails (answers, collecting and tracking of results in real time)
- Ultimate targeting of intentional prospects: 10 million contacts available (SMS / MAILS)
- Digital satisfaction surveys


The goal of the app Kleen is to allow people and drivers to find a car wash station near them, to access to the different car wash programs (with description and reduced prices) and pay directly from the app. Then, drivers just have to go to the car wash station and wash their car easily and quickly. Kleen helps drivers to save time and money with their car wash. By introducing more than a 840 car wash stations in France, Kleen allows Station Manager to be more visible online, to expand their business to connected people, to reach more customer and to make them loyal thanks to reduced prices and promotions.


Logikko introduces a patented fuel and pollution reduction system. It operates on any combustion engine, diesel or gasoline. Logikko converts small quantities of water into hydrogen and oxygen. It enriches the engine's air-fuel mixture which helps to reduces fuel consumption (up to 25%) as well as pollution emissions from particles which clog the engine (up to 70%). Logikko’s system installs very easily. No need to modify the engine block. Logikko is the ideal solution to lower automotive costs.


Datalog One (wholly own subsidiary of Mapping Control) innovates with MY CONNECTED CUSTOMER solution: a connected and digital customer loyalty solution, dedicated to automotive groups, to increase traffic in workshop and optimize vehicle renewal. MY CONNECTED CUSTOMER offers a smart tracking tool, a disruptive push marketing tool with a smartphone app with high-value customer benefits.


MonMecanicien is the leading online repair shop for cars. Our mission is to simplify and improve both repair shops day-to-day activities and the global automotive customer experience.


The connected car at the service of the automotive aftermarket

OOCAR is a solution that helps professionals increase customer loyalty and boost workshop visits. A mobile app connected to an OBD device, plugged within seconds, provides key information about the usage, health and wear of the car. Professionals can now anticipate their clients’ needs to serve them better and at the right time. OOCAR also allows professionals to send clients personalised messages via OOCAR’s online platform.


PHARE-OCCASION is an online retailer of reusable automotive lights for B2B and B2C markets. In order to guarantee quality and traceability of all pieces, PHARE-OCCASION buys headlights and rearlights exclusively from French government authorized scrapyards. Thanks to the numberplate search and a delivery the following morning for orders which are placed before noon, the website allows for mechanics and panel- beaters to spend less time searching for second hand parts. Professionals of automotive repairing also get specific discounts according to their purchases.


Reparo is a start-up with the objective to help the aftermarket professionals save time and ease their day-to-day activity. Reparo facilitates the search and purchase of spare parts. Very intuitive and comprehensive, the web and mobile platform is connected to the best databases and technical documentation of the market. It is THE solution that allows the repairers and their suppliers to save time and be more efficient. The parts identification and the management of the requests has never been so effective! 


resqme, Inc. offers a complete line of innovative safety products, developed and produced in the US. Our products allow users to have peace of mind in multiple emergency situations when seconds count. The original car escape tool, the resqme, is a compact 2-in-1 seatbelt cutter and window breaker. Originally introduced to first responders (police, firefighters and paramedics), the resqme tool is now carried by over 4 million drivers in over 45 countries. resqme, Inc. is now opening a branch office in France and will be introducing its brand new safety app on the EQUIP AUTO exhibition. The resqme app allows you to send an alert to your contacts and to share your locations.  


Founded in 2014 by T. Nacer Expert in automotive embedded networks, SMARTO is specialized in automotive embedded systems, connectivity engineering and the Internet of things. The core business of SMARTO is the connected vehicle. SMARTO is a team of engineers and researchers expert in embedded networks, and electrical and electronic automotive architectures. SMARTO develops and markets innovative products that make it easier to use and allow a new user experience. With this expertise, SMARTO also supports its clients in the development of their R & D projects.


Stampyt is the french specialist of the commercial car picture. The picture valorisation for car advertisement is the first argument to catch customers in car dealer where 93% of the contact come from internet. Earn agility, quality and confort every day thanks to digital tools which are flexible.

 Discover Stampyt Auto apps:

  •  Photo process for new and second and car
  • Delivery photo
  • 360° photo


Valen sas is a start-up in the field of the innovation. She will present in preview world, Pad Xpress, her new patent, a quite new foam concept of lustring with a tank integrated of products high-performance, adapting itself to everything typify of electro-portable machines. Ready for use Pad which revolutionizes by its concept innovating a professional sector with high demand. A record saving of time in this domain, or a maintenance and a preparation of the body is a very important post today! Xpress answer a request, both for the professional as for the private individual, and the international market! Easy of use, successful, economic, and rapids of use, it consumable, bring an answer to an immediate need.


WeProov is the n°1 app for vehicle photo inspection and condition report. Car dealer, leaser, fleet manager or transporter, protect your vehicles’ condition, while empowering your team and improving your productivity thanks to a fast and intuitive solution. With WeProov, save money on your TCO and avoid disputes thanks to geo-tagged, time-stamped and secured reports.

  • WeProov has won the best tool award  2016 by Décision Atelier, Startup of the year award 2016 by 20 minutes, the first prize of the Smart Mobility Award 2016 by Fleet Europe
  • WeProov has conquered many big clients, such as GRDF, Auchan, Intermarché, Norauto, Le Cab, Fullcar Services… 

Download the app :


YoGoKo provides communication solutions for the connected & cooperative vehicle. These innovative technologies enable secure & efficient internet communications, direct communications between vehicles and the roadside infrastructure. It allows the transmission of information related to road safety and traffic efficiency, data collection and processing, fleet tracking and management, remote diagnosis, software over-the-air updates, internet access and other added-value applications and services.

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