Tunisia and France: hand in hand

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Yesterday, Jacques Mauge, president of the FIEV, and Nabhen Bouchaala, president of the Tunisian Automotive Association, signed a collaboration agreement between the two associations. Over to Jacques Mauge for his comments.

What is the purpose of this allegiance between the FIEV and TAA?

Tunisia has long held a special place in the automotive chain that supplies France and Europe. The objective of this agreement is to bring our two associations closer together in order to identify opportunities for developing the sector in Tunisia, such as trade shows and inter-company collaboration.
To be very specific, we have, together with EQUIP AUTO, an opportunity to offer Tunisia our expertise on the topic of trade shows. As for inter-company co-operation, there is a real benefit in having FIEV members meet TAA members in order to develop commercial opportunities. For the moment, these are only discussions, but they may lead to specific projects – I have some in mind already!

What concrete impact will this agreement have on players in this sector, in France?

For FIEV members, this agreement with the TAA will help them find development opportunities in Tunisia. Some of our members are already there and have long seen the appeal of being in Tunisia. And by following this logic, we can encourage other companies to develop their activity there.

Do you envisage other similar cooperation with other countries?

In Morocco, for example, which has a very well-supported and very well-run car industry, there have been requests from the Amica for the Fiev to help structure the industry. Covering, for instance, the process of testing and certifying vehicles. In short, the idea is to give other countries the benefit of French expertise. Especially where the automotive sector is very well integrated, it requires co-operation between all players so there is no imbalance. In fact, I just mentioned Morocco, but Iran is also asking for the FIEV's support in order to develop a coherent local automotive sector.

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