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This year, the Used Car Universe has structured itself to provide a 360-degree view of the wide range of professionals in this fast-growing sector. Here’s an overview of 4 of the highlights.

First, an equipment manufacturer: Alpine Electronics. Their reason for attending? Their ability to improve under-equipped second-hand vehicles which are more difficult to sell. For Hervé Maurin, the company’s manager: "Today, a used vehicle without GPS will just sit on the forecourt. On the other hand, if the vehicle is well equipped, it sells three times faster." Dealers no longer hesitate to go through players such as Alpine to equip their used cars, which may be perfectly functional in a foreign market, but are under-equipped for the French market. As an example, a touchscreen GPS bought for 500 euros (exc. tax) from Alpine allowed a recent second hand car to be sold at 1,000 euros more than it would have without it. QED.

Our second stop: Appro Auto. The company’s USP: find the best cars at the best price for its dealer customers, and help them with the valuation of these cars. "We offer cars at all levels, accurately appraise them, then deliver them to our customers...", says Pierre Guinault, President of Appro Auto. The company, which specialises in PSA Group brands but is not averse to buying other brands, will soon be working on buy-back offers with professionals on vehicles less than 5 years old or under 120,000 km.

A third highlight, this time with a digital flavour: CarData Pro. A leader in supplying test leads to manufacturers, CarData is launching the CarData Pro platform. The idea is simple: bring customers to merchants on a silver platter! For Philippe Laurent, commercial director of the company: "Online, we identify people who have an automotive project. We offer them an e-coach to refine their research, then we put them in touch with our merchant partners."

The final highlight of our whistle-stop tour of the Used Car Universe: CarGarantie... a provider focusing on margin and distributor loyalty. How? "By simply returning the buyer, after their purchase, to the seller’s establishment," says Gil Warembourg, Sales Director, France. Specifically, CarGarantie encourages motorists to go back to their dealer one month before the end of their warranty, to ensure that everything is working well on the car. And for distributors, this is sure to bring in plenty of non-negotiable extra sales!

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