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Just as we’ve seen every day, experts, equipment manufacturers, startups and representatives from professional organisations are gathering in pavilion 2.2, on the large EQUIP AUTO TV Stage. This Friday's hot topic: changes in knowledge and expertise.

What are the best ways to learn using digital tools? How can we profit effectively from 2018 MOTs? How can we best lead the transformation of our businesses? We’ll look at all these questions today on the now famous TV Stage at EQUIP AUTO.

In the "Training and Expertise" program, Federal Mogul, the GNFA, the FFC, the FNA and the GIPA will discuss the question of modern training tools, how to learn without leaving the workshop via e-learning sessions, and educational games. Is this kind of training really effective? Are they valid methods?

In the "Repair Tomorrow" program, Michaël Pledran (Car Care) and Patrick Nardou (FFC Repair) will look at the theme of "Being a bodybuilder in 2017". From lightening structures, driving aids and electrification to the increased technical features of paints, bodybuilders are experiencing unprecedented changes in their area of expertise.

"Business" discussions will be dedicated to second hand cars and, more specifically, to joining a network. More and more specialty used car brands are popping up, but what are their limits, and what value do they really bring? Questions which Via Automobile, the Automobile Agency, Distinxion and VPN Autos, will try to answer.

Finally, the Big Debate will be devoted to MOTs in 2018 and what they mean for professionals, featuring Actia, Dekra, Securitest, Autovision and the FNA. And, just like every day, you can enjoy the EQUIP AUTO daily update, the Autoroute Infos traffic program and the end of day debrief.

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