Sébastien Le Pollès, President of FlexFuel

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"To change the way in which pollution management is perceived, we need to communicate on a large scale"

What did you come to present at EQUIP AUTO ?

We are launching our descaling machine and the "Go Green with FlexFuel" marketing tool, which will help customers return to the garage. We have developed a whole marketing ecosystem around the concept, an online self-diagnosis tool that makes it easy to book your vehicle in with a mechanic... In short, we offer the machine, and the customer follows!
Today, the decontamination market is mainly dominated by chemicals. And to be able to evolve the way in which pollution management is perceived, we need to communicate on a large scale, which MRAs and rapid repair workshops are not necessarily able to do. However, FlexFuel is recognised as an expert in the field, and we have close to 550 descaling centers in France, which gives us a real legitimacy in this area.
We are also launching the "green squirrel" standard and brand for our ethanol kits. Again, this will allow us to communicate better to the general public...

These days, do you think it is necessary to make the general public aware of pollution reduction methods?

Of course. In order for our products to work, to sell, there has to be demand. However, this demand for remediation has to come from the general public ; that’s the only way that garage owners will commit to ongoing decontamination activities. The latest changes to MOT rules will also support our case, as according to initial estimates, this new test will lead to a 30-fold increase in the number of vehicles that fail. Hence why garage owners are now increasingly interested in the area of depollution. Today, when a customer comes to a garage with a problem on his FAP for example, he wants a quick fix. But the goal is actually to move towards preventing problems in the first place.

What do you expect from taking part in EQUIP AUTO ?

Like all the exhibitors present at the show, we hope to meet as many garages as possible. But our goal this year is also to develop our international contacts. We are already present in Benelux, in Asia, Tunisia and Croatia, but we want to grow our European network through subsidiaries, based on the same model that we have in France and the Benelux countries.

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