Philippe Renaud, CEO of Caréco

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"Overall my outlook on parts re-use is positive"

Less than a year after the Re-use Act came into force, what’s your assessment?

The media reported on it extensively in December and January, which had the effect of informing individuals, who quickly understood the value that used parts could represent. In fact, we’ve seen an increase in sales to individuals. On the professional side, there’s the traditional MRA who has always re-used parts without waiting for the law. And now there are also the large networks that were not specialists in re-used parts, like Midas for example, but who are now taking an interest in our business by legal obligation. Today, like we are doing with Midas, we are building partnerships in order to enable them to work with a market we know and to win over a customer base that they did not have access to before. On balance, therefore, my assessment is positive.

Where do you see parts re-use going?

The repair sector has a real interest in this market. Today, 60% of our turnover is from professionals who see used parts as an economical solution to repairs on vehicles that no longer have any real market value. Our partnership with Midas demonstrates this. Now, our goal could be to build other partnerships of this type, with structured, well-known networks such as bodywork networks, maintenance and rapid repair, and why not with manufacturer networks too ? Today, whatever a repair player’s profile, they all have the same legal constraints, whether they are Porsche or Dacia!

What is your news?

Just as we did with Midas, we are set to formalise our partnership with Axial in the next few days. There will be a dedicated white label website, where all members can find the entire Caréco member offer. Other partnership projects are currently underway but it is still too early to formalise them. After this, we’re not up against the clock - it would be a mistake to go too fast.

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