Jean-Christophe Servant, France Director of Valspar Automotive (DeBeer Refinish)

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"Taking part in Equip Auto can help us gain visibility"

You are exhibiting at EQUIP AUTO for the first time. Can you explain why?

DeBeer Refinish is a trademark of Valspar Automotive which was recently bought by Sherwin-Williams. In fact, this association makes us the world leaders in terms of painting, all activities combined. Our core business is body repair painting with the DeBeer Refinish and Octoral brands, of which Précisium is the exclusive distributor in France. But the DeBeer brand is not well known in the French market, so taking part in the Equip Auto exhibition made a lot of sense. Even if this also involves a degree of risk, as we are among a large number of major players in painting.

Unlike your competitors, you chose to exhibit within the Used Car Universe…

Indeed. We assumed that if DeBeer Refinish had an over-generalist approach, it would become invisible amongst the other similar exhibitors. So we chose a different approach, which was still logical in relation to our activity as a paint manufacturer and our brand positioning. We have a quality stamp, approved by major global manufacturers, with very good colorimetry, and an attractive price point compared to premium players. Now, in the used vehicle sector... every euro counts! We offer ‘patch-up’ solutions for spot repair, which perfectly corresponds to the expectations of the used vehicle sector, where solutions must be quick, and at competitive rates. At EQUIP AUTO, our positioning within the Used Car Universe allows us to meet a steady stream of players who potentially may be interested in our products.

What objectives have you set for your first time at this aftersales event?

In particular we want to increase visibility and get in touch with rental companies, fleets, repairers specialising in used vehicles... But also with dealers who sell used vehicles but who can’t work with manufacturer paint brands for cost reasons, and are therefore seeking an alternative. This morning we took part in the round table event in the used vehicle forum on the topic of "What are the best value-added services – and in what ways can we increase margin beyond the supply phase?".

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