Franck Martin, President of VSF-Vitro Service France

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"Bodybuilders who were able to react quickly got back into making good money from glazing"

The advent of new technologies has changed techniques in the glazing business – does that lead to new challenges?

Most importantly, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) requires garage mechanics and glazing specialists to re-calibrate the cameras after changing the windscreen, using their own equipment. These technologies are no longer just for high-end vehicles and, in fact, are becoming widespread among repairers. Glazing specialists are receptive to this state of affairs. Specialised networks are equipped to respond. But MRAs and bodybuilders are not yet sufficiently informed about this equipment; many will not be equipped and must go via service providers or manufacturers. So we are seeing these new trades who have the right calibration equipment moving from garage to garage to work on windscreens. The bodybuilders who knew how to react and equip themselves correctly quickly recovered their glazing share of the market... so this is a sign that it’s possible. In fact, there is a bodyworker in my village of 1200 inhabitants who repairs 10 to 15 windscreens per month!

What new products are you presenting at the show?

Our Fitglass for heavy vehicles. It allows a lone operator to place an HGV windscreen effortlessly and at home if desired. On the other hand, we are formalising our merger with the company Aniel, specialising in the distribution of body parts. The objectives of this partnership are multiple: synergies, growing our respective turnover... we will form a small group generating 60 million euros of turnover. This also allows us to offer an alternative to the large distributors on the market.

What do you expect from taking part in EQUIP AUTO?

The idea is to meet as many people as possible, including our customers who only rarely leave their workshops, and it is nice to meet them here in more celebratory circumstances than usual. The idea is also to meet new prospects, both for VSF and for Aniel.

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