Let’s hear it for the Grand Prix winners!

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Of the 117 applications submitted this year for the International Grand Prix for Automotive Innovation, eight winners were crowned at the show’s gala evening on Tuesday night.

As usual, the International Grand Prix for Automotive Innovation (or GPAI for short) have again been a great success. A jury of no less than 50 journalists from 15 different countries discussed the applications in great depth before returning their verdict. 117 entries were made, and all candidates were eager to reach the Holy Grail: a GPAI trophy!

The 2017 ranking highlights two fundamental trends at the heart of aftermarket concerns: connectivity and sustainable mobility. It was the equipment manufacturer Robert Bosch France that set itself apart by winning three prizes out of the 8 that make up the GPAI. It won in the "Tyres, equipment & wheel services" category with its TTM2104 and 2204 pneumatic scanner. Then in the category "Lubricants & maintenance products" for its ENV4 and ENV6 brake fluids. And finally in the "Professional Services" category for its Bosch Connected Repair. Mixplast distinguished itself in the field of "Bodywork painting" with its Star Finish anti-static gun. Heurtaux took the "Washing & service areas" award with its Easy Jet washing robot. Sport System took home the prize for "Repair, maintenance & garage equipment" for its Technifap automated cleaning unit for FAP and catalysts. Hella France, won in the category "Parts, equipment & components" for the Multibeam LED, an intelligent digital projector. Finally, Autodistribution came home on top in "Connected Mobility Services" thanks to its AD connected box.

As for the press "favourites", an initiative organised by the Association of Technical and Economic Journalists (AJTE) and the French Autotive Press Association (AFPA), 3 winners were crowned. Vallet Distribution with CleanOil, which allows to the repairer to effectively separate water and oil. Delphi avec son concept GDi, banc d’essai unitaire d’injecteurs essence. And finally, Miarco, with the Chicane masking tape which seals joints and gaskets when painting bodywork.

All the winners were honored at the EQUIP AUTO gala celebration, which took place on Tuesday evening, after of the first day of the show, in the majestic Pavillon Cambon Capucines, in the heart of Paris.

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