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Through the startup village, this year renamed as the Innovation & Startup Park, many new digital automotive players are taking part in the show. This gives them unique visibility and helps boost their business.

Two years ago, EQUIP AUTO welcomed, for the first time, exhibitors from the digital world; new startups in the automotive industry in general and the aftersales sector in particular. This year, the automotive after-sales biennial event once again plays host to a startup village. The new codename of this space is entirely dedicated to these next-generation companies: the Innovation & Startups Park. Plus étoffé, le concept accueille cet année une trentaine de participants, soit 50 % de plus qu’en 2015.

The concept is now more evolved and welcomes thirty participants this year, 50% more than in 2015. EQUIP AUTO has been able to offer them flexible, accessible packages to encourage them to attend, leading to an unprecedented showcase of new talent. And for good reason. In addition to the stands of 4m² each - for the smallest ones - these players in the 'automotive industry 2.0’ have a dedicated forum at the heart of the Innovation & Startups Park, allowing them to present their solutions in less than 10 minutes, in pitch form. A great way of getting publicity for these young upstarts.

Sophie Vergne, founder of the startup Kleen Now, said: "EQUIP AUTO is the biggest event for the sector this year. Everyone goes there, everybody talks about it and, as well as developing relationships and meeting new people, we are really lucky to be able to exhibit in it." The same expectations ring true for Michaël Pledran, founder and development manager for the Car Care Solution : application: "We are a small startup. So our main expectation is to make our solution known to the professionals at the show. The idea is to make contacts, to make visitors want to know more about Car Care in order to demonstrate how it is relevant in their daily life. And for that, nothing beats being face-to-face with people." And to prove this point, 15 young companies will present their digital solutions alongside Kleen Now – companies such as Justbip, Monmecanicien.fr and Fleetback… Comprehensive solutions enabling professionals, consumers and fleet managers to simplify their everyday life. At last, vehicles can be as simple as an app!

Discover the entire pitch program on the EQUIP AUTO mobile app.

Discover the entire pitch program on the EQUIP AUTO website.

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