Daniel Berreby, Country Manager, France and Benelux, Delphi

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"What will differentiate repairers? Technical parts"

What key products are you presenting at EQUIP AUTO?

There are 3 key areas: "parts" with extensions, new ranges and solutions that meet injection standards; "embedded diagnostics" with new tools, including the DS Nano prototype, an easy-to-use diagnostic tool that will be available to everyone, set to be released in 2018; and "test benches". Here, we are presenting several new models, all developed on the same technical basis: Saber CRi Master which responds to requests for fast and reliable tests of diesel injectors of all brands, its little brother, the GDi, which is intended for petrol injectors, and its cousin, the Toledo which tests the hydraulic injectors for HGVs.

How do you help repairers to better plan for the future?

Today a repairer must be able to handle all injection systems, not just diesel systems. There are also many engine management challenges for garage owners. What will differentiate them is the range of technical parts... and our range of products in this area answers this need perfectly. Having the correct, current technical parts, and having the right diagnostic tools and solutions to anticipate new products is what will enable professionals to succeed in the future. We are training them, of course, and demonstrating a variety of transitional solutions, light hybridisation systems that will come into play before the 100% electric car. For example, the 48-volt electrified vehicle we have in Hall 2.2.

You're making a big comeback this year - why?

Since 2011, we wanted to focus back on our customers rather than events. But the technologies of the future are pushing for change and our customers needed us to communicate and show them our new products. For us, EQUIP AUTO is the best exhibition for the French and francophone aftersales chain. We recognise that it is a network of excellence with such rich connections that we are drawn to attend. It also represents the chance for us to communicate on our partnership with Nicolas Prost, who will be present at the show on Thursday, as well as with the Rêves association. Moreover, for each ‘chrono challenge’ untertaken on our simulator, we will donate 10 euros to this association...

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