Santi Fenoll, Marketing Director for France, Facom

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What new innovations are you presenting at the show?

We have two flagship products. Firstly "Tough System" - our modular, movable storage solution, which allows tools to be stored in a garage, but also in a truck. It is an approved system that has successfully passed all crash tests, and is more economical than a conventional vehicle fitting. Then there’s our trolley in a special Jet Black edition. This product integrates our modular system, but also features a radio that can be activated by a smartphone! Through market research, we found that 80% of garage owners listen to music while working... So we are the first supplier to bring music into workshops!

What do you expect from your participation in EQUIP AUTO ?

Facom is an iconic brand and we want to maintain our level of notoriety. Today, 98% of garage owners know our brand and so we have to be present at EQUIP AUTO. We are also presenting some fifty new products that are all in our catalogue, distributed at EQUIP AUTO. Finally our goal is also to kick off the celebrations for 100 years of Facom next year. It is a one of the biggest marketing campaigns ever launched by the brand, mainly thanks to social networks, which we are very active on. In less than 18 months, we have built a community of more than 200,000 people on Facebook and YouTube.

You have a strong digital presence, but in what ways do you help repairers to plan for the future?

At the exhibition, we are organising a conference at the Autodistribution stand on how Facom is considering the garage of the future. For example, with electric cars, there will be fewer tools needed, so what will our role in workshops be then? In the future, diagnostic tools will be able to anticipate repairs, inventories, indicate the right tool or time, issue very precise quotes for consumers... But Rome wasn’t built in a day. Today, 40% of garages are not connected, so we will need to manage all this digitisation in phases.

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