Christophe Espine, Marketing Director, NTN-SNR

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"Now it’s essential, as a designer of technical parts, to be as close as possible to repairers"

What new features will you exhibit at EQUIP AUTO ?

Tons! We entered the Grand Prix with our hydraulic tensioning roller used in Stop & Start technology, which allows single belt tension to be used depending on the stresses generated by the S & S system. While we didn’t win, we are exhibiting this new product. Its benefits: a significant reduction of energy with no need for a re-design of the engine, because we started from a conventional approach. We will also present a range of transmission seals for spare parts, a logical way to confirm our position as the world's second largest player in this product family. We also have our ASB sensors; particularly relevant as we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Active Sensor Bearing (ASB) technology for which we previously won the EQUIP AUTO Grand Prix. Today, 90% of vehicles are equipped with this technology and we developed the sensor that goes with it.

Finally, we are extending our range for heavy goods vehicles...

How do you respond today to the challenges facing repairers tomorrow ?

On our stand, we are holding demonstrations of bearings, transmission seals and distribution kits four times a day. It’s essential to us, as a designer of technical parts, to be as close as possible to repairers, to give them as much information as possible and to support them. One of our latest innovations is a free application, "TechScan'R", which reads the references on the labels of our boxes in order to give repairers digital information (about the manufacturer, techniques, mounting recommendations, etc.) relating to that specific part. This application also features an augmented reality solution that allows users to visualise the part, and move it around ...

What do you expect from your participation in EQUIP AUTO ?

EQUIP AUTO is a big celebration for the entire automotive industry. The exhibition allows us to see all players within the sector, including our competitors, and this year we feel a very positive dynamic, which is very motivating and sends a positive message.

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