The Used Car Universe, built for the market of the future

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Two years after first taking part in EQUIP AUTO, the representatives of the used vehicle sector are back in a dedicated, communal space called the Used Car Universe. Its mission is to help professionals benefit from this growing market.

In 2015, more than 4,000 professionals visited the various players in the used vehicle sector. Thanks to this success, these exhibitors and more are returning this year in a shared space of 400 m2 named the Used Car Universe. Along with the pioneers from the first edition (Alpine Electronics, Appro Automobiles, Car Garantie, Digitaleo, VPN Autos), new players such as Gefco, Car Data, Zanzicar, Renault Pro VO and Carpolish will be present as well as specialist startups (Autorigin, Booster Garage and garageScore). In all, the Used Car Universe has almost 40% more exhibiting partners than the previous edition of the show: a total of 20 exhibitors.

To bring this unique space to life, this area dedicated to a market enjoying significant growth features product demonstrations, activities and round table discussions, all organised daily in the stand’s forum. Round tables will address issues such as the art of buying a used vehicle, additional services to improve margin, how to take advantage of C to C, and how consumers perceive their used vehicle, featuring the voices of 4 individual buyers. With this rich program, the Used Car Universe is set to welcome some 6,000 visitors this year. And this will undoubtedly be helped by the ‘Boost My Business’ "Best of" route, which offers visitors a glimpse of all solutions that can help grow their business. And used vehicles is undeniably one of them.

Find the full program of the Used Car Universe round table discussions on the EQUIP AUTO mobile app.

Find the program of the Used Car Universe round table discussions on the website.

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