The TV stage: preparing for the future

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For fans of business updates, EQUIP AUTO has entirely rethought its TV stage this year. On the agenda: 5 days of continuous, live information, about fifty programs, more than 200 guests and answers to the major challenges concerning the entire aftersales chain. Today's highlight: ways to better address future challenges.

Experts, specialists and major players in the sector come together today, from 10.30am to 6pm at the show’s new TV stage in Pavilion 2. Their common goal is to give visitors a global, detailed view of the upcoming concerns for all aftersales players. Today, out of the 8 themed daily programs, 7 are devoted to the future of repair and customer service.

The "Repair Tomorrow" program will address, with ActivCar and Carglass, modifications to methods of automotive glazing. Changes which, in view of the increase in driving assistance devices, involve more unprecedented training and replacement techniques than ever. Or the "High Tech" program, which will discuss connected and self-driving vehicles, and connected tyres. And lastly, the "Business" program, which will first look at the numerous ways to enrich the customer experience with washing, and then at DMS and connected shop management tools. Once again tackling the question of innovation, a common theme throughout the day, the Big Debate will highlight the winners of the International Grand Prix for Automotive Innovation and the benefits of this distinction. Do winners of the Grand Prix have better access to international markets? Do they achieve greater notoriety?...

Don’t miss the daily bulletins that open each day with the key figures of the show, co-presented by the editors-in-chief and representatives from professional federations.

All these programs are translated in real time into English and for the first time this year, broadcast live on the exhibition’s YouTube channel.

Find the full program of what’s happening on the TV stage on the EQUIP AUTO mobile app.

Find the full program of what’s happening on the TV stage on the EQUIP AUTO website.

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