Christophe Rollet, Managing Director of Point S

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"We are right at the heart of future aftersales questions, but we don’t want to jump the gun"

What will you show this year at EQUIP AUTO?

We have put in place 4 concepts that will allow us to target different kinds of professionals. This makes us a key player in France, but also at an international level. On the other hand, Point S is entirely independent since our capital is entirely owned by our members, and we value this. Taking part in Equip Auto will allow us to highlight these advantages, but also our concierge service, pick-up points, our Point S Télé service which allows us to communicate in all our points of sale, etc. Finally, we also have an announcement to make on Thursday at the show. This will be a new milestone for our network, but I can’t say any more at this time.

How does your network fit into the theme of "Repairing Today, Preparing for Tomorrow"?

We are reaching an understanding of the future challenges of the sector at our own pace. Some markets are emerging, like the electric car, and to anticipate that, we have introduced specific training on this subject. We’re also launching an online quotation tool for our stores... We are proactive and at the heart of these future problems, but we don’t want to jump the gun either.

How do you see connected tyres coming in?

I think we need to cut through the media hype. The tyres that are currently coming onto the market, not to mention connected tyres, are high-tech products and many consumers are unaware of that. Above all, consumers want quality, service and advice in choosing the right tyres. Nothing will replace this, and so we much prefer to rely on the quality and service level in our centres for the time being.

What do you expect from taking part this year?

Point S is a loyal exhibitor at EQUIP AUTO. We have witnessed the exhibition evolve and feel today that there is a renewed energy. We have informed our members to encourage them to visit EQUIP AUTO this year. On the other hand, Point S recruits 50 to 60 new points of sale every year and the exhibition is the ideal place to recruit potential future members.

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