Jérôme Habsieger, Sales Director, Steco Power

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"The future of the battery belongs to professionals"

What do you expect from this new edition of EQUIP AUTO?

We expect to see our French distributors and repairers. We hope that we will see more of them than ever because the show is now held in the heart of Paris. Equip Auto is the opportunity to meet the customers of our customers and to show off technologies like over-amped batteries and Start & Stop batteries. Only a fairly small circle of us manufacture these high-tech batteries, hence the importance of communicating about them.

What commercial development goals do you have in the battery market?

The Steco brand is dedicated to independent distributors, and we are always looking for distributing partners. To date, we cover 70 regions. We want to grow in 20 more and our presence at the show will allow us to find new partnerships. For the past 2 years, Steco Power has been very successful in French territory. We now want to develop the export zone in North Africa, Spain, Italy and Belgium in particular. We were very present in these countries a decade ago, and we want to return to that level. Our goal is to achieve 40% of our global volume from exports in 2018. Today, this figure is less than 10%... So no country is off limits!

How do you distinguish yourself from a very strong competition?

Our USP is that we are a French brand with a personal touch. We want the link between us and our distributors be as simple as possible, so we can almost work the old way by talking from person to person. The human being is still very important in business and for an

equipment manufacturer, reactivity, energy and service are key. Moreover, we are working on the basis that the battery’s future is in the hands of professionals and so if we, as equipment manufacturers, find our distributors wanting to talk to repairers about batteries, then we’re already where we want to be.