What challenges remain for self-driving vehicles?

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A key topic in this year’s event, technological innovation is at the heart of mobility – and its evolution. Among these innovations: the autonomous vehicle. The FIEV, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA), the Road Equipment Union (SER), and the French Road Union (URF) intend to examine it with a fine-toothed comb during their joint colloquium on 18th October.

Self-driving cars are no longer merely an invention of a science fiction author with an overactive imagination. In the pipeline for many years, the autonomous car has now become a reality that is in the process of fundamentally changing the very concept of mobility.

During this conference, many specialists, engineers and experts will study this new technology in detail, as well as its consequences on the entire automotive industry. What impact will tomorrow's mobility have on the sector? What technologies are already proven for autonomous vehicles? What are the possible interactions between these vehicles and road equipment?... These are complex questions to which the speakers in this ambitious colloquium will endeavour to provide answers. Deloitte will also unveil the results of its study "The Future of the Automotive Value Chain".

Symposium "Autonomous vehicles: what are the challenges for our societies?":

Pavilion 1 Stand Area 2000 - Room 121 A + B

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