Stanislas Brodard, Director, France IAM Aftermarket, ElringKlinger

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"The waterproofing market is growing"

How will you enhance your products and services at the show?

We will reiterate to our customers that we have the broadest range and that we’re here to help them physically and financially with stock storage, with our longer payment deadlines, exchanges, tours, etc. Admittedly, washers represent barely 1% of the turnover of the spare parts market. It’s a small market, but it is growing thanks to eco-consciousness, the future revision of MOTs and the uplift in used cars. With this in mind, and because we are specialists in waterproofing, we owe it to ourselves to support our distributor customers who find themselves confronted – now more than ever – with these problems of physical storage and stock financing.

What actions have you put in place to help distributors and repairers work with very technical parts like yours?

We developed partnerships with tool manufacturers in order to demonstrate, concretely, during training sessions with distributors, how to change certain technical parts such as ours. We are also a FEDA partner within the "Motor Group" organisation, in order to help enhance and professionalise the engine reconstruction process, and give it better visibility.

What marketing actions do you leverage to enhance and promote the Elring brand?

We use a variety of traditional marketing methods. But above all, we start from the principle that the communication of a brand happens mainly in the field. In fact, we regularly donate grants (stock, materials, documentation) to specialist schools in the automotive sector and work with young people in training at the Garac for example. On the other hand, partnering with tool manufacturers enables us to associate the ElringKlinger brand with real life use cases.

What are your expectations for EQUIP AUTO 2017?

Our goal is mostly to meet with customer decision makers. But also to make ElringKlinger a household name in the waterproofing market, an area that is experiencing rapid growth. Finally, EQUIP AUTO is the ideal place to reach the international players with whom we work and that we do not often get the opportunity to meet.