Gaël Erard, Commercial Director of Distri Cash

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"Autozen combines the best of traditional commerce with the best of e-commerce"

You are here to introduce Autozen, a tyre sales concept mixing digital and physical service. How does it work?

Our approach is to combine the best of traditional commerce with the best of e-commerce. We want to bring the consumer back to basics, but using modern sales techniques.

The consumer has access to an unlimited source of information on the web. However, the point of sale is still where more than 80% of decisions are made, even if 4 million tyres are bought online. We therefore wish to give customers the possibility to shop online and direct them to a specialist workshop.

Other tyre companies are present at the show... What message would you like to communicate in order to stand out to visitors?

We differentiate ourselves on everything that can hinder a purchase online: home delivery, online payment... the consumer is located and directed to an Autozen partner close to home, who he knows... He makes an e-reservation on the Autozen site, and a professional takes the time to review it to ensure that no ordering errors have been made. Then, the tyres are delivered to the garage and the payment is made once the tyres are ready, directly to the dealer who plays an advisory role and offers expertise. The consumer thus benefits from internet prices and information, while benefiting from a convenient shopping experience.

What are your ambitions for AutoZen?

We will have a hundred points of sale marked Autozen by the end of the year and wish to open 3 or 4 Autozens per region within a year.

Our concept is not a franchise but a partnership. Our points of sale pay a subscription of 89 € per month, and for this they get a personalized website with a competitive offer compared to the market leaders. They also rely on Distri Cash's stock of more than 600,000 tyres of all brands, for all segments. The back office is managed by us: ranking, updating products, promotional activities... While dealers provide advice and sometimes also make additional sales.

What do you expect from EQUIP AUTO?

The Autozen brand will be officially launched and presented at the event in order to meet the needs of our traditional dealers in the face of fierce competition from pure players. We believe that our project brings a timely solution to all resellers and consumers, taking the best from e-commerce and traditional commerce.