Fabrice Godefroy, Managing Director of Alternative Autoparts

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"We are trying to bring together distributors who look like us"

What do you expect from this first participation in EQUIP AUTO?

The exhibition is an opportunity for us to affirm our presence as a group in the French market. Our stand, which is totally independent of IDLP, is an operational site, not a showcase. Alternative Autoparts was created in April 2016, so we are beginning to win market share and our presence at the show will allow us to welcome our current members, our future members and to show our added value in relation to the existing group.

How does Alternative Autoparts stand out from other distribution groups?

Above all, we are a family business, not a financial group. We're trying to bring together distributors who look like us, family businesses with a long-term vision who want to get into an operational group that is not going to try to buy them. In addition, we have a technical outlook, driven by IDLP and Atac. This is evidenced on the ground with our concept of technical representatives that we are launching at Equip Auto. The objective is to give our distributors the very technical knowledge that will enable our members who are not as technical to respond to the needs and demands of the market without hesitation.

What ambitions do you have for Alternative Autoparts for the coming year?

As a young group, our goal is to seek out new members. Again, our approach is to work over the long term, to take the time to develop our members, and to work with distributors who know how to evolve with the market while maintaining their independence.

You also have your French Dieselist hat on – do you see the conversion premium as a good thing?

It is a positive and pragmatic decision. Until then, the goal was to converge towards electric vehicles. But we need time before this transition happens. I often say that there can be no ecological justice without social justice. Nicolas Hulot's aim is to rejuvenate and clean up fleets now, leaving everyone with the opportunity to contribute to building the future, whatever their financial means. On the other hand, at Alternative Autoparts, eco-revision is growing, and given the government’s decision, that makes a lot of sense!