Jacques de Leissègues, Chairman of DAF Conseil

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˝DAF Conseil has positioned itself as a major provider of web solutions for repairersˮ

What do you expect from this new edition of EQUIP AUTO?

 On a general level, we expect this edition to represent the renewal of EQUIP AUTO; to bring back its mojo and its reputation both nationally and internationally. France, being located in the heart of Europe, needs to have an international aftersales car show. The return of some major international OEMs, manufacturers and major auto parts distribution groups represent the foundation for this jump start. We are confident that attending EQUIP AUTO 2017 will be positive and will support this national show in its quest for new energy. In terms of DAF Conseil and eXponentia, because we are exhibiting with two hats on, this show will enable us to consolidate our position as a major player, and in some fields as a leader, from services to automotive aftermarket sectors in France under the DAF Conseil brand, and at an international level under the brand eXponentia.

What is your assessment of your growth since you last took part in EQUIP AUTO in 2015?

The balance sheet is very positive. We continued to grow at a sustained pace, with a turnover of more than 20% in two years. All our businesses are growing: training, the hotline and our web services continue to grow rapidly. In the space of 6 years, DAF Conseil has positioned itself as a major provider of web solutions for repairers and networks of multi-brand repairers.

Can you briefly describe one of your new exhibits, the myDIAG+ augmented reality technical support?

MyDIAG+ is a unique online, ultra-connected, instant and multilingual technical support service, available on Android or iOS, to help multi-brand repairers solve difficult breakdown issues and save time.

Equipped with a simple touchpad and the MyDiag+ application, the repairer submits a query instantly online through a simple and easy-to-use interface. The technical advisor intervenes, step by step, by chat or by videoconference if necessary. The repairer and the hotline technician can exchange photos, videos, technical documents or electrical diagrams. Using augmented reality, the technician can intervene directly on an image to understand the problem better, or to show the parts to be changed on the vehicle.

The MyDiag+ application can also be interfaced with a diagnostic tool. The fault codes are then automatically recovered and shared with our technical advisor for a considerable time saving.

myDIAG + is available in seven languages ​​(French, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese) and references a database of several thousand malfunctions and their solutions from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Spain and Portugal.

With myDIAG+, the repairer benefits from a unique support solution with augmented reality, thanks to the most advanced technologies. With myDIAG+, repairers save time, can work remotely and ultimately, because they can repair more vehicles and have faster access to more answers, their income and profitability will increase.

With myDIAG+, repairers experience a new, simpler way to handle repairs.

Remind us of the links between DAF Conseil and eXponentia?

There’s a long history that dates back to 2006/2007, when the founding suppliers of eXponentia; SKF, Tenneco, TRW and Valeo, chose DAF Conseil in France and Tekne Consulting in Italy to be their exclusive partners in those countries.

eXponentia's mission was to provide multi-brand repairers, technical assistance through a hotline, and technical training, at a time when electronic vehicle diagnostics were on the rise. The objective was to ensure that these independent repairers could continue to service and repair all vehicles, from the simplest to the most complicated.

We were eXponentia’s loyal partner in France until 2015, when the equipment manufacturers still in eXponentia decided to stop, because (among other things), multi-brand repairers now had enough solutions to train and obtain technical assistance in most countries.

In April 2016, the two partners of eXponentia, DAF Conseil and Tekne Consulting, decided to buy back the eXponentia brand in order to keep it alive internationally. And to go even faster and further in this growth, we decided, along with Tekne Consulting, to create a partnership and joint venture: eXponentia srl.

This is why we are exhibiting at EQUIP AUTO under the two brands, DAF Conseil and eXponentia.

eXponentia is the only company currently able to provide hotline services, training, and a wide range of web and mobile solutions in 7 languages and 12 European countries.