Philippe Chassany from Oocar and Olivier Helore from Autodistribution France

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Philippe Chassany, CEO & founder, Oocar and Olivier Helore, Head of Commercial Development, Parts and Technical Services, Autodistribution France

What is Oocar and why did Autodistribution get involved in this project?

P.C .:Oocar is an innovative startup in the field of connected cars. Created in 2015, it offers a data and services platform for the aftersales and auto insurance businesses. From the beginning, when we met at EQUIP AUTO in 2015, we were on the same wavelength.

O.H. : Oocar plus Autodistribution equals innovation for the motorist! Autodis Groupe wished to highlight its digital progress, after the success of meetings and online quotes via, so it was looking for an innovative solution that was directly oriented towards the motorist. We had many goals. Provide permanent visibility into the health of the vehicle; Help the driver with eco-friendly driving, show the fuel economy, together with an associated score; Offer ways to reduce costs, anticipate replacements and/or part wear. But above all, we wanted to add a range of instant services to add value on a daily basis. Because Oocar's data and services platform allows us to approach and integrate partners (like insurers, among others), in addition to our network of garages and body builders, we could add more partners to increase the value we deliver to customers and monetise more car-related services.

It was this shared vision, combined with a simple, rapid and reliable development capacity, that made the project a reality.

How, in concrete terms, will you collaborate?

O.H. : Actually, we have been working together for several months. We have an AD Auto Connect application, based on Oocar's expertise.

This application has been enriched with various elements and services that seemed essential to us, with regard to motorists’ needs, and our positioning as a specialist in automobile parts. Everything is developed jointly by Oocar and Autodis Group. It is both our strength and our USP.

P.C.: The AD Auto Connect service, built on the basis of the Oocar mobile application, will be deployed on AD networks. With it, they will benefit from a loyalty tool able to connect to their customers’ vehicles to understand them better and offer them the most appropriate services at the best times. The Autodis Group has a minority stake in Oocar. This combination is part of the group's strategy to support the sector’s digital transformation by engaging with promising startups involved in building the automotive world of the future.

What do you expect from your joint presence at EQUIP AUTO?

P.C.: The AD Auto Connect service will be presented to automobile professionals and in particular to the many garages of the AD network that will attend the show. We have the opportunity to explain, demonstrate and engage AD garages in this major innovation that will revolutionise customer relations. Autodistribution’s expertise, combined with Oocar's expertise in digital, will be highlighted at the show.

How will you "showcase" your partnership at the show?

O.H. : We want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by a show such as EQUIP AUTO, in terms of visibility to major players in the profession, to present in detail how the relationship between the motorist and their AD garage will not only change, but also become stronger.

We are both delighted to welcome visitors to the Autodistribution booth on October 17th for an official presentation of AD Auto Connect.