Targeted routes to get more from your visit

Published on by Chloe Maidon - updated on

Thanks to the work carried out by the entire sector and synthesised by the FIEV and FFC, EQUIP AUTO offers seven "best of" routes this year, guiding visitors according to their interests.

The thematic routes respond to a real visitor need: focused paths for busy visitors, for whom every minute counts. This year, thanks to the discussions orchestrated by the FIEV and the FFC with all the players in the sector, the exhibition offers a wide choice of routes. Through the seven "best of" routes (also available on the EQUIP AUTO mobile app), visitors can combine efficiency with a clear path that guides them past key exhibitors corresponding to different topics likely to interest them.

It’s a way to give professionals the best opportunity to get more from the show: their presence at EQUIP AUTO is not limited to a simple visit. It can also encourage more conversations with exhibitors. Just like the "best of new technology" route designed to answer questions related to new engines and reducing polluting emissions. This will lead visitors past the stands of big names in the sector such as SCHAEFFLERTENNECO and VALEO, as well as to the IDLP dieselist and its subsidiary HDI, to the EXXOTEST garage equipment specialist and the startup DRUST which offers a connected box allowing the motorist to become a better, more eco-friendly driver. And many more!

It’s easy to benefit from these personalised itineraries. Just go to the info points located at the entrance to the show, where experts will be advising visitors. If you’d prefer to prepare for your visit before the event, the "best of" routes are also available on the mobile app.

Note: The "Innovation" route will allow you to discover technologies that entered and won prizes in the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation. Visitors can register for guided tours at the Information points or directly on the T.E.A.M Autobooth (Pavilion 2.2 - Row G - Stand n° 011). Guided tours are at 10:30 and 15:00each day.