Anthony Cochonneau, co-founder and sales manager at Kibitoh

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"We want to present visitors with a solution that exists but is little known"

What is the offering of the Kibitoh startup?

We are a service company for builders, garages, auto centres, etc. We mainly offer 4 services: Call Tracking and Intelligent SMS & EMAIL campaigns, which are the flagship of our offer, as well as sharing the data of interested prospects and conducting satisfaction surveys. Call Tracking lets professionals track incoming calls. These are saved in an application which allows a database to be generated and to recover all missed calls in real time. Today, 21% of calls are missed. Thanks to this system, we can send an alert to the professional with the phone number to call back to avoid losing opportunities, and to promote customer satisfaction. This system is dedicated to helping both the marketing department and the sales department. Likewise, our SMS & EMAIL Smart campaigns allow tailor-made communications, including a unique link to the mobile campaign site. Each recipient is identified by their link, no information is required and validation is done in a few clicks. Every time a user clicks a link, the mechanic is informed, so the process of making appointments is easier.

How did these ideas, which are very similar to marketing tools, come about?

My partner, Anthony José, and I are veterans of the automotive industry. He was a commercial engineer at Plastic Omnium and I was marketing manager at BMW. However, I quickly identified that in the concession, there was a real concern about phone calls: garage owners did not know how to quantify them, did not know where they came from or how they were handled. So we had the idea of developing these systems (Call Tracking and Intelligent Campaigns) which took off very quickly in concessions. Then the garages, like Roady, Motorcraft and Leclerc Auto, followed...

What do you expect from taking part in Equip Auto?

What we want is to present a solution to all visitors that exists but is not well known. We want to increase awareness of Kibitoh, knowing that around 1,300 sales outlets already use our solutions in France and the French overseas departments and territories.

What will you put in place to achieve this goal?

We will offer a free 1-month test on Call Tracking to all visitors who will visit us throughout the duration of the show. We will also have a screen where we show our systems in action, in real time. What’s important in our project is demonstration, and seeing concrete cases, and that’s how visitors will understand the results.

How will the Kibitoh range evolve?

We are currently developing a service linked to the phone channel. It’s a service that does not yet exist and will be marketed under another brand. This new service may be a way for us to diversify, perhaps beyond the automotive sector...