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"EQUIP AUTO is the ideal show to make our offers and services better known to automotive repair professionals"

What are your current events and what will you present at Equip Auto?

Historically,'s business is focused on B2C. Our main selling points - very reasonable prices and the widest stock available in France - quickly convinced consumers, which meant we became the French leader in tyre sales in under 12 years. The quality of our offer also appealed to professionals who are looking for quick fixes on our site. To better meet their needs, we decided to structure our B2B organisation by creating an "Allopneus Auto Pro" area that’s specifically dedicated to car dealers and repairers.

The other news concerns logistics: we stock our tyres on our own platforms, in France. Our warehouse in Oignies in Pas-de-Calais is now full. We are going to triple our storage capacities with the implementation of a second 84,000 m2 platform that we have just built in Valencia and this will eventually bring our total storage capacity to close to 2 million tyres, and our daily shipping capacity to 50,000 tyres.

How will you present your offers?

We will leverage the internet; has revolutionised the tyre market. Our ultra-fast communication and information solutions are now available to professionals who wish to inquire about the availability of a specific product and who need an immediate response.

We want to highlight our cutting edge solutions in a very modern way. Our message will therefore focus on our offer, our mission, our brands and our services. And to illustrate our obsession with innovation, we will also be exhibiting the tyres of the future.

What are your reasons for exhibiting at the show?

Equip Auto is the ideal show to publicise our offering. Contrary to what people often imagine, performs very well for high-end sectors and is the specialist for rare or specific tyres, which are often difficult to find in traditional supply chains. We are also present in niche markets such as competition tyres and vintage cars, and have been since 1900. That’s why we will also be at the part of the exhibition dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of vintage cars.

What do you expect?

Today, we’re responding to spontaneous and varied requests from professionals. The problem is that there is more and more diversity in manufacturer catalogues as new segments are created and new dimensions or specific items come to market. No traditional professional can cover the whole market, although we are experts in how to do it. Our objective is therefore to establish direct contact with repairers and to identify their problems in order to better respond to them by improving our offer and services. We also want to better identify our customers and formalise our business relationships with them.

What messages do you want to communicate at the show?

We have more than 20,000 permanent stock items, from all types of scooter tyres to civil engineering tyres and all the world-class brands.

We want to show that we are the best French partner possible for professionals when they encounter a problem with availability and that we offer all products, brands and items, including rare and specific products.

As for services, our new warehouse will have a double impact: additional volumes of storage to further expand our offer, improve availability and systematise delivery times within 24 hours by bringing us closer to our customers.

Finally, we will emphasise the fact that is a 100% French company, whose headquarters, call center and warehouses are all located in France.