On the way to autonomous vehicles!

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The overall theme of this EQUIP AUTO exhibition is technological innovation, and it comes to the fore in an ambitious gathering dedicated to the autonomous vehicle on October 18th

The transition to autonomous mobility is underway! The vehicle-infrastructure ecosystem must evolve to reduce congestion in cities, accelerating the technological revolution in the field of transport. The Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries (FIEV) has joined forces with the Road Equipment Union (SER), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA) and the French Road Union (URF) for an ambitious colloquium devoted to the challenges of the autonomous vehicle.

During this symposium, specialists, engineers and experts will take turns to analyse this new method of mobility in detail, as well as its consequences for the entire automotive industry. For example, technological issues for autonomous vehicles, interactions with road infrastructures, etc.

The themes addressed will be broad, and will offer directions to help navigate the current challenges of automated driving. Don’t miss the presentation of results from the study "The Future of the Automotive Value Chain" by Deloitte, as well as the round table on the topic ‘The mobility of the future: What will impact its ecosystem?’ featuring Christian Peugeot, President of the CCFA, Xavier Bertrand, President of the Regional Council of Hauts de Seine, Heiko Carrie, President of Bosch France and Benelux, Dominique Mondé, Vice-President of SER, Yves Crozet, President of the URF Think Tank, and Guillaume Crunelle from Deloitte.