Michaël Pledran, founder and manager of development, Car Care Solution application

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"Car Care has made it possible to digitise knowledge and the findings of authorised repair shops"

How do we move from the universe of mechanics to that of digital applications?

I’m a mechanic by trade. However, in 2014, one of my customers told me he wanted to get a phone call whenever it was time to change his oil or brake pads. Of course, you know the mileages when these two actions need to be done, but how can you know when the motorist reaches these distances? That made me think. By setting up a form on Google, I asked a computer friend to calculate the average mileage traveled by my customer's car to know when it would normally be necessary to perform these maintenance operations. I used this formula with all my customers for a year and a half, and I realised that my turnover had really increased because I was notifying my customers of when they next needed to come to my workshop. Whether it’s a specific warning on the dashboard or a noise, the common denominator is that motorists are warned that they must go to their garage. One thing led to another, and the Google form became a digital application. In short, I digitised the expertise and the findings from my workshop!


What are your current events and which ones you will show on EQUIP AUTO?

Our main news is about the continued development of Car Care. At the show, we will have a screen where we will show how this solution is used in workshops and the benefit for the customer. The idea is to show garage owners that the time spent inspecting the car is time that can generate data and, in doing so, can bring customers back into the garage. The goal is for both garage owners and customers to think about vehicle maintenance based on their actual mileage. In addition to the application, Car Care is a commercial tool for garages, in order to help them digitise their business. With this solution, we generate 22 dates – that’s 22 possibilities for the customer to make an appointment for maintenance on his car. This creates custom and loyalty as the application is specific to each garage with its logo and colors.


You are taking part in the show for the first time; what expectations do you have?

We are a small startup. Therefore, our main goal is to make our solution known to all the professionals who will be present at the show. The idea is to make contacts, and meet visitors who want to know more about Car Care in order to organise their daily lives better. We will therefore mainly be at EQUIP AUTO to network and make contacts...


What message do you want to communicate at the show?

These days I notice that it’s the customer who services his vehicle by taking it to the garage. It's time for garage owners to take control of their customers' car maintenance. With Car Care, they will be able to digitise their findings and carry out a predictive interview on all their customers. It’s a virtual sales assistant to generate flow in their workshops.

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