Bernard Lanne, Chairman of PPG Industries France SAS

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"Today, the automobile is a means of transport, where the challenge is less about the repair itself, and more about the speed of intervention"

What are your current events, especially those you will present at EQUIP AUTO?

First, we want to change the way we communicate. So we don’t just do what we say, but now we’ll try to be more transparent about what we’re doing. Our news is so rich; it's time to share it. PPG continues to gain market share and have excellent results. Our clear strategy as a paint manufacturer is recognised, our investments are constantly evolving, our multi-brand organisation specialising in market segments is appreciated... Besides, we have the largest sales force, fortified with 5 additional employees since the beginning of the year. And this is also proof of our confidence, not only in our own development capacity, but also in our ability to progress.

So, we will be present at EQUIP AUTO and also at Solutrans next November.

The environment of car repair is undergoing a profound and irreversible change. The automobile is becoming more and more utilitarian. Today, it’s a means of getting from A to B, where the challenge is less about the repair itself, and more about the customer staying mobile, about the speed of intervention. All this is happening in a tense economic context, and the environmental impact must be taken into account. Everything we present at EQUIP AUTO, whether it’s new products, services, digital, instrumental colorimetry… everything will aim to answer these problems: time, energy, and environment.

Why are you attending EQUIP AUTO?

We are experiencing a real dynamic of success. We owe this to ourselves, but we owe it to all those who follow us too. Listening to our customers, sharing, celebrating, showing our expertise, differentiating ourselves from our direct competitors, is also a way for us to thank all these professionals, distributors and bodybuilders who trust us and with whom we want to continue working, for the sake of our respective businesses.

What are your expectations at the show?

We hear a lot of talk about the sometimes dubious online sourcing of exotic paint brands at prices that they think are very competitive, but I just see it as smoke and mirrors.

A paint line is something serious. Above all, it’s a global offer that encompasses not only a strict process of paint creation that starts with mastics then underlayers, colour and finally varnishes, but also hardware, IT, maintenance, after-sales service, competent technical teams present in the field... During the show we want the market to understand one thing: working with PPG means you can count on a real serious, reliable partner, giving you the opportunity to grow your business and thus grow together over time.

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