Stéphane Gendron, Automotive Replacement Director for Western Europe and Nourddine El Gersifi, Western Europe Marketing Manager for SKF France

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"At our booth, we will be presenting a very important new product line that will complement our chassis offering"

What are your current events and which ones will you present at EQUIP AUTO?

First, we are happy to be returning to EQUIP AUTO. We are coming to meet our clients and the customers of our clients. The show will mark the end of our 2017 sales campaign "SKF is committed to being by your side" and our presence at EQUIP AUTO demonstrates this commitment to our customers.

At our booth, we will also present all our ranges, the complementary offerings that we worked on a lot before the show, as well as our renewed PL offer and last but not least a very important new line of products that will complete our chassis offer... but I can’t say any more than that!


What made you decide to exhibit at the show again?

A few years ago, the economic environment was less favourable and we had to sacrifice certain exhibitions. The automotive sector is coming back to life and this has allowed us to return to EQUIP AUTO. And another determining factor was all the work done by the FIEV team with Jacques Mauge, President of the FIEV, and Philippe Baudin, President of the Aftermarket Commission of the FIEV, together with Comexposium’s clear-headed approach; they chose to listen to the input of professionals and moved the lounge to the Porte de Versailles.


What are your expectations?

What we want above all is to be part of the conversation, in the interactive dialogue of professionals to professionals. To take into account distribution, our customers and the ways we can evolve to be even more efficient in this very dynamic market. Our goal is obviously also to do business by converting distributors to our brand and to confirm and thank those with whom we already work.


How will you stage your products and offers?

Our booth will be built around skillsets and our product offering. There will be technical presentations, mechanical demonstrations, and micro-workshops that will allow us to interact with our repair friends.

For example, we have developed specific tools to facilitate intervention on certain bearings or on engine timing, and we will create an animation around this. We will be launching the "Demonstrate Your Expertise with SKF" contest at the beginning of September, and the prizes will be awarded at the show on our stand 1H050. To take part, repairers will have to take a picture during a repair in order to illustrate their expertise with SKF products.


What messages do you want to highlight?

With a comprehensive chassis and motor repair service, a commercial presence on the ground, dedicated tools, technical support and many new products, our message is simple: "SKF is committed to being by your side"!

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