Hervé Gros, General Manager of the Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile (SIA)

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"Today’s automobile revolution is double the size of anything we’ve seen in its 120 years of existence"

Could you explain to us, in a few words, what MonJob @ FuturAuto is?

At EQUIP AUTO we will host the first annual symposium on Thursday, October 19th, which will be the place for the automotive industry (builders, equipment manufacturers, startups, etc.) to meet with students from major engineering schools and universities. We will welcome 700 to 800 students who will have the opportunity to discover and network with the leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and engineers who build the automotive world every day and who are driving this revolution. All of these students will take part in discussions with R & D and engineering directors from major manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and startups. There will also be presentations of innovative projects, feedback from young engineers who have already entered the automotive industry, and more...

Where did this idea come from?

The SIA was created in 1927 as an ideas lab. We brought together French experts and engineers from different fields of expertise, but all with a focus on the future of the automobile. With this in mind, we questioned the attractiveness of the sector. For ten years, this industry has been out of reach for students. Now we have a golden opportunity. Why? Firstly, it’s thanks to manufacturers like Renault who have made the electric vehicle an inescapable reality. And thanks to the potential opportunities that autonomous vehicles offer. Finally, the revolution that the industry is undergoing today means it can finally meet the expectations of this new "Cop 21" generation, who are anxious to protect the planet and eager to embrace new technologies. With the FIEV, we asked ourselves how we could tell these students: "Look, the automotive industry can live up to your aspirations. It’s also an industry for the future, with a startup mentality and state of the art technologies that align with how the rest of the world is evolving". This is how the MonJob @ FuturAuto Symposium was born.

What exactly do you expect from this taster event at EQUIP AUTO?

Above all, what we want is that at the end of the day, students in engineering schools and universities choose the automotive industry. If today’s dynamic continues, we will need everyone we can get. More concretely, for the next 3-4 years and in the coming decade, the automotive revolution is twice as big as anything ever seen before, in its 120 years of existence. Now the automotive industry is offering opportunities for new professions that accompany this revolution: from artificial intelligence to hybridization, from system engineering to numerical simulation, from software development to cyber security, and from calculation to the physics of materials... Hence the importance of recruiting because there are and will be exceptional adventures to experience in this industry in the near future.

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