Éric Espinasse, CARFIT Sales Manager

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"Building an automotive ecosystem around CARFIT that is a vector of efficiencies for the driver, based on vibration analysis

Your product is a brand new innovation; how does it work?

Our connected box diagnoses the condition of a vehicle’s parts through vibration tehnology. The CARFIT PULS is simply fastened to the steering wheel - without the need for installation - and picks up vibrations at high frequencies to identify defects that do not appear on the dashboard: shock absorbers, wheels, tyres, geometry, balancing , etc. We compare the recorded vibrations to our algorithms and send the result to the customer in real time. So he knows exactly where the problem lies. We have the same level of expertise as a good mechanic, able to tell that a brake disc is warped depending on how the steering wheel vibrates. We need to enrich our database so that these analyses can become predictive.


Do you replace a mechanic's expertise?

No, of course not, especially since we do not replace defective parts. The basic idea of ​​CARFIT is to apply to the automobile what can be done for the human through vibration technology. A connected watch can track your physical activity, while CARFIT follows the vibrations of the car! Our box provides pragmatic information to the driver and helps automotive professionals deliver good advice to customers, which tends to increase customer loyalty. It also allows fleet costs to be optimised, manufacturer maintenance logs to be refined and contextual notifications to be sent according to the use of the automobile. These are the marketing and communication tools that today's automobile can feed. That said, today we are still unable to say: "According to your driving habits, you must change your shock absorbers within 1,000 km" ... but the goal is to get to that point.


What do you expect from your participation in EQUIP AUTO?

CARFIT is a global company, present in North America, Asia and France. Our aim is to bring CARFIT together with an automotive ecosystem that offers efficiencies for the driver, based on vibration analysis, in order to provide new use cases and more relevant information. EQUIP AUTO is a major show, we cannot not be there. In recent months we have been identified by major manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. We want to associate our expertise with our technology, but also those of lesser-known players such as our fellow startups in order to create innovative partnerships and fruitful projects for the future. Especially since at the end of the year, CARFIT will also be available to the general public. We will work with a major player in multi-brand car maintenance. Any vehicle of any age can be fitted with a CARFIT PULS. We are currently in a testing phase that will enable our solution to give the driver the right message at the right time.

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