Gérard POLO, President of the FNAA

« It's important to focus on the connected vehicle and mobility in general, because it's not just a trend - it will soon become a reality »

What activities are you going to run at the 2017 EQUIP AUTO event?

For the last few years, our focus point has been the "Win a Garage" initiative. This year's competition will be organized in partnership with EQUIP AUTO. This is our flagship operation and it works very well. And for good reason; the winner of the contest is awarded 40,000 to 50,000 euros of garage equipment! This competition also allows us to highlight our partnerships with OEMs and players in the automotive aftermarket sector.

What will be your main methods of communication at the show?

As a priority, we will organize a press conference for the general public. The FNAA will present its new action plan for automotive crafstmanship and mobility, which we announced at our congress in Reims. This Action Plan is the result of our White Paper 2017 published last April, advocating mobility for all with more than 50 proposals. There is also a round table discussion on the theme of the connected vehicle, organized in the presence of equipment manufacturers and consumers. It’s important for us to focus on this subject, and on mobility in general, because not only is it a trend right now; it will soon become a reality, especially with E-Call being implemented next year.

What does the exhibition’s move to the Porte de Versailles mean to you?

For us it's a great thing! It will make it much easier for repairers to get to the show. There were many repairers for whom the Villepinte exhibition center was too far away. It is therefore possible that visitor numbers will be better than ever. And here’s proof that the whole chain is sensitive to this return to Paris: OEMs who previously did not attend EQUIP AUTO announced that they would attend this year. Finally, after the show ends each day, it will be much easier to organize outings in Paris, and this may encourage visitors to come for two full days... We have to make sure we mobilize as many people as possible.

Have you set goals for the show?

Most of all, we hope that this 2017 edition of EQUIP AUTO will be a revival and, ultimately, a real success. We are expecting high numbers of repairers and we hope they see the event as an attractive day out. In other words, we hope that EQUIP AUTO will once again become the center for automotive aftersales and mobility services.

Finally, if we were to set a target, I would say our main goal is footfall. Indeed, the more repairers who come, the more members there will be, and the more beneficial it will be for the FNAA...

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