Francis BARTHOLOME, President of the CNPA

« The digital revolution is going full steam ahead at the CNPA and we will present the main focus areas of our platform »

What actions will you put in place during EQUIP AUTO?

First of all, I want to say that our ambition in this exhibition is to highlight the value of all players in the sector to help visitors understand the relevance of our organization and the complementary services that we bring to all trades related to mobility. That's why we decided, together with the GNFA, IRP Auto, GARAC and AFORPA, to come together in a shared space, which will give professionals a 360° vision of our industry. As you know, the CNPA’s motto is "acting for your future" and this is the driving force behind our work with the public.

And to return to our program, this year EQUIP AUTO will be our chance to highlight innovation; serving professionals, but also consumers. We will take advantage of this opportunity to showcase some of our services. We will of course answer all the questions that professionals are asking themselves about the future of their profession.

What topics do you plan to give priority to?

New technologies in general and the expertise of the CNPA for professionals will be key topics. As you may know, the digital revolution is also underway at the CNPA and we will be presenting the main direction of our digital platform with significant announcements in this area.

What brings you back to Porte de Versailles?

Greater visibility, of course! And a new ambition for this exhibition, similar to our aims at the Paris Motor Show. But mainly - more convenient access for all visitors and our members who mostly come from France. We are expecting a strong increase in the number of visitors this year.

What do you expect from the 2017 event?

We want to reinforce the link with our members, have a new forum for the CNPA and above all, promote the innovations of our sector to professionals and institutions.

It will also be an opportunity to present the major strategic challenges of our sector to the economic and professional world, as well as to the press. The discussions and meetings that we organize with OEMs will reinforce our expertise in the technological and digital developments that will soon become part of our everyday working lives. We are therefore completely in line with the positioning of this exhibition which is to repair today and prepare for tomorrow.

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